How to Reduce PDF File Size on Windows 10

July 31, 2023636 views

As a Windows 10 user, you most certainly work with PDF documents regularly. Are you experiencing difficulties trying to download, open and convert PDF documents? Or are you confused about how to reduce your PDF file size in Windows 10? Keep reading to find tips that can make your work easier and faster.

It is much better to compress a file than to create a zip folder since it is not a permanent solution for compressing files and sometimes cannot be accessed easily by recipients. The WPS office is an excellent tool to try out as we will look at practical approaches on how to reduce   PDF file size in Windows 10.

Methods to Reduce PDF File Size on Windows 10

PDF files can turn out too big, especially PDFs that come with a lot of images. Listed below are some methods on how to reduce your PDF file on Windows 10.

Method 1: Compress Your Files Using Adobe Acrobat

1. Open an internet browser, go to, and search for an Acrobat online PDF compressor. Go to the large text box with a blue button titled " select a file."

2. Click the button titled " select a file," then locate your PDF. Or drag and drop it in the field titled compress PDF.

3. The compression level varies, ranging between high, medium, and low. You will have to select which compression level you want. Low compression gives you a larger size with high quality, while high compression gives you the smallest size.

4. When your compressed file is ready, a text indicates that. Both the original and compressed files will appear in bytes; click on the download button with the color blue to access your file.

Method 2: Compress Your Files With the WPS PDF Tools

1. Download the WPS PDF tool, then open the file in the programme.

2. Go to the file menu and click on the button " Save as."

3. The next step is to click on optimize and select the minimum size, after which you can click on the save button and choose your desired location to save the new file.

Method 3: Compress Your Files Using a Small PDF

1. With any browser of your choice, go to the small pdf site and click "choose files," then add the file you want to compress from your computer.

3. After uploading your file choose an option from your screen for compressing the file. Click the option "Basic compression" and then click the button

"choose option"

4. Click the "Download" button once your PDF file is compressed to save the file to your computer.

Tips on Why You Should Compress Your PDF File Size on Windows 10

Below are three reasons to compress a PDF file size  Windows 10.

1.  Faster Email Transmissions

We are in the jet age where everyone desires a stress-free life and seeks possible ways of getting everything at their fingertips. The story is not different for the business world, where customers don't want to wait for long periods before employers and clients respond to their emails.

It is easy to send smaller PDF files via email, which makes it easy for employees to respond to client requests quickly and more effectively. Faster email transmission provides a better customer experience online and makes email transmissions faster.

2. Faster Downloads

It takes longer to download, edit and transfer files when the files are large.  Although PDFs are often smaller compared to other file types and scanned documents. It can be a challenge managing them conveniently, especially when the documents are thousands of pages.

Thousands of hours can be wasted online waiting for files to download. Compressed documents can ease stress for both the sender and recipient and can boost productivity to a great extent.

3. Compressed Files Aids Effective Collaboration

Compressed files aid easier transmission, which helps collaborators access and review them faster. Large files, on the other hand, take longer time to upload and can delay downloading when recipients attempt to open them.

Smaller files take less time to download and are easy to access on mobile phones. With compressed files, it is easier to respond to your customer's request with the PDF converter and attend to your clients too.


How Do I Compress a PDF Without Losing the File Quality

Some programs and files can help you compress files while maintaining the quality of the files. Some options you can try online include small PDF, adobe acrobat, and WPS office.

How Do I Check My PDF File Size Windows 10

Open the document, select a file or document properties, go to the description, and the file size will display automatically.

Why Is It Necessary to Reduce your PDF File Size windows 10

When files are compressed, they take up less storage capacity. There is also increased productivity because compressed files do not take time and transfer and consume less network bandwidth.

Learn More on How to Reduce PDF File Size on Windows 10

Due to the large sizes of some PDF files, many businesses face issues with downloading and sending large files online. This happens when these files must be uploaded on work sites or sent as emails to clients.

The WPS office tool is adept at compressing your files while the quality of the file remains the same. Compressed files help increase your work productivity. Download the WPS app now and enjoy a free trial and maximum productivity.

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