3 Best Ways on How to Compress JPG to PDF in 2023

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Compressing JPG to PDF is a popular operation for official users. When you don't want to compromise your image quality and want to send it to others you must need to convert it to a pdf format and compress the pdf file size to send it quickly. The PDF file is a more efficient and convenient file format for sharing. In this article, I am going to tell some best methods and discuss the tools for compressing JPG to PDF.

Benefits of Compressing JPG to PDF File

  • Easy to share, if you have an image file that needs to send online then PDF format is best to send with the proper size.

  • An image album can be created.

  • Reduce file size with high resolution.

1. Use WPS Office for Free to Compress JPG to PDF


Compressing JPG to PDF files is listed in WPS Office software. It is a premium feature for WPS users. WPS Office offers to compress any format to a pdf file with high quality and best image resolutions. here, we see the steps of compressing jpg to pdf


Open your WPS Office software with any Windows, macOS, and android devices.

Choose Picture to PDF options that open in a new pop-up window.


Choose your JPG file to convert to PDF format first. Then press the convert button.

Make sure the orientation, A4, and Margins are well measured to convert


Choose the Normal option to compress with better quality output format.

Here, you see the file is already reduced and it is to compress and we select the compress button.


You can enjoy the features of WPS Premium software to edit, view, and share.

2. Use Smallpdf Online to Compress JPG to PDF


Smallpdf is a proficient online converter and compressor for any documents. It is considered the best web app to compress any file. Steps are given below:

Choose your JPG file from the browser.


You can see a window with a JPG image and click the convert button.


The JPG file is ready to download and compress. We select Compress PDF first.


Two options are loading for the premium user and the free user. We choose the Basic compression option. Select the Compress button.


See how easily we get our compressed JPG to PDF file which is compressed from 1.9MB to 219 KB.

Download the compressed file. This tool is magic for compressor users.


3. Utilize Bigpdf Online to Compress JPG to PDF


In Bigpdf 11zon, we convert and compress our JPG to PDF files together at the same time.

Steps for how we compress JPG files and convert them to PDF are given below.

Select the JPG file from the browser of your Windows, macOS


It creates a new window where we see the actual image size is 1.9 and we can compress the file by selecting the Quality option. Select medium and click convert to pdf.


See, how the image size is compressed from 1.9MB to 309KB. Click download and it starts to get JPG to PDF

Free Trial of WPS Office to Compress JPG to PDF

In this article, We see some best online and offline tools to compress JPG to PDF files. You can find a compressor online to compress your files but all compressors are not accessible to open in any office suite. Hence we have used the WPS Office suite because its supporting formation is compatible with Microsoft or adobe for any type of PDF file. WPS Office is widely used for its online converting tools and you can download easily from WPS PDF tools and enjoy the premium service.

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