A Complete Guide to Learn How to Edit PDF on Windows

July 31, 2023742 views

Several PDF editors are available for Windows that many users use differently per their editing needs. Some Editors are readily available online as free downloads, while others might come with some subscription or buying price. Many people still need to learn How To Edit PDF on Windows?

This article will guide you in selecting the right PDF editor for Windows and provide a quick guide to learn How To Edit PDF on Windows?. Depending on the editing you want to make to your document, you can pick the PDF editor that best suits your requirements.

1- How to Edit PDF on Windows Using Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is the quick-fix to edit PDF on Windows. You can easily make changes in the PDF file with a list of editing options available in Acrobat. While Adobe Acrobat makes PDF editing easy, it also comes with a subscription and paid version that might not be accessible to everyone on the go. Here is how you can edit PDFs with Acrobat:

  • Open the PDF file in  Adobe Acrobat

  • Select the "Edit PDF" option in the options pane on the right side to edit PDF on Windows.

  • Select from several options to make the desired edits in your PDF file, like fonts and text, or even resize, move, or replace images.

  • "Save" the file with changes

2- How to Edit PDF on Windows in Word

One of the best pdf editors to edit pdf on Windows is Word where the user only requires text editing and changes in a text-based PDF document. Word might also alter the formatting of your document, but if you are least bothered about the editing of your document, you can quickly go for this option.

  • Run "MS Word" and "Open" the PDF file you want to edit in Word.

  • Word makes a copy of your PDF and converts it to a format that it can display

  • Now edit PDF on Windows as per your needs and save it as either PDF or a Doc file.

  • Remember that this is useful only for files that are purely text only.

3- How to Edit PDF on Windows Using PDFelement

If you want to edit PDF on Windows, you must get your hands on PDFelement. It is the top choice free PDF editor that you can use with windows. PDFelement gives its users multiple features, including text editing and images, drawings, headers, footers, and links. Along with that, it also has features that help to edit text fonts and styles with colors. Here's how to edit PDF on Windows with PDFelement

  • Run PDFelement on your computer and open the required file you want to create changes.

  • Click "Edit," and you will see many options.

  • Once you are satisfied with the changes you want to make to your file, "Save" your file and exit.

4- How to Edit PDF in Windows Using WPS Office

Of the many options available to edit PDF on windows, WPS is another name to add to this list. With its PDF tools, WPS Office is a free program that allows users to edit PDF on Windows. You can get several features to make changes in your PDF file, like adding or removing text, changing images and editing pages. Multiple features, easy to use and many PDF editing options; what else might a user need after having such an array of options? It is a free program readily available for download and can be used with windows. So what are you waiting for? Download WPS now and start editing your PDF files.

  • You can use WPS to edit a PDF file.

  • Open the PDF file to edit.

  • Click on the Edit button in the main toolbar.

  • You may also find an option to Edit PDF

  • Make all the changes you want to make to your file (text/images/pages )

  • Click "save" in the main menu bar to save all the changes you have

  • or press ctrl+S,

and yes, you are all done; you edited your pdf file

FAQs about WPS Office

Can we edit PDF in WPS Office for free?

Yes, Editing, Adding or removing any text in PDF with WPS Office software is available for  free online as well as offline.

Why does the WPS office stand out differently as compared to other options?

The more significant advantage of using WPS lies in its features: it supports vector graphics, high compatibility when opened with different computers or software, and reduced or compressed file size while keeping the original print format without the file getting messy.

WPS stands high in the market for providing seamless and incredible document processing experience to its users. If you haven’t used the WPS office yet, you are missing it! So, don’t delay any further and download WPS to enjoy a 7 days free trial!

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