How Can You Edit PDFs on a Mac Using Adobe Acrobat Online?
How to Edit a PDF Using WPS Office on a Mac: Simple Steps
Why Should You Use WPS Office for Editing PDFs On Mac?
How Can You Convert Your PDF Format into Word?
Why Should You Download WPS Office?

All types of materials like literature or books that we view on the Internet now are uploaded in PDF format. After various websites process the source files, therefore the file format we save is likewise PDF. But, if you want to make changes directly on the PDF file, it is a bit tough, which is both a negative and an advantage of PDF.

On Mac using perfect tools for editing a PDF is simple. There are several apps available for editing PDFs, but some are preferable to others. However, purchasing the complete version of the software can be costly. Fortunately, some fantastic options are significantly less expensive.

Are you seeking software to edit PDF files on your Mac? Or are you sick of switching between different editing programs? Or are you sick of using web editors to alter your PDF files? So don't be concerned; the wait is over, and here is the remedy for you. On a Mac, you can use WPS Office to edit PDF documents.

How Can You Edit PDFs on a Mac Using Adobe Acrobat Online?

You can add edits to PDF files on your Mac using Adobe Acrobat online services, and quickly and easily explain what needs to be added, deleted, or modified. Go to Acrobat online services using any web browser and follow the procedures below.

  • Choose a file by clicking the "file" button.

  • Drag a file from your internal storage, online storage, or Google Drive into the drop zone, or drag it from your desktop.

  • Sign in with your Adobe login after the files have been uploaded to utilize the tools to add text, highlight, draw, and more.

  • Go to the Share menu to distribute the document to others by email or a link.

How to Edit a PDF Using WPS Office on a Mac: Simple Steps

WPS Office Software is a free Office suite that works with compatibility. It has a simple and unique interface and a lot to offer. Its operations are listed in a column on the user interface's left side. When you click on one, a menu of options will emerge. Converting from and to PDF, merging and combining files, extracting text and images, and modifying information are some of the most basic choices. PDF files can also be unlocked.

To edit a PDF document on a Mac, follow the procedures mentioned below.

  • Install WPS Office for Mac

  • After downloading, launch WPS Office.

  • Using the Mac select "PDF Edit" to edit PDF documents.

  • After opening the desired PDF file for editing. Then, on the left side of the page, click the "Edit content" icon, and a boundary will appear around the text in the PDF file that you want to alter.

  • You can modify the text as soon as the barrier appears around it. You can see the many options like save, delete, copy, font, or writing style according to your need.

  • You can save the updated pdf file after you've finished modifying it. To do so, click the menu symbol and save the file.

Why Should You Use WPS Office for Editing PDFs On Mac?

There are many benefits of using WPS Office. You will not get as many benefits from any other software as you will get from using WPS. Seeing the benefits below will make you want to edit PDFs and download WPS.


You can get amazing editing by using the With WPS PDF Tools, you can add text, images, and shapes to your PDFs, as well as delete or rearrange pages. You can also trim, rotate, and resize photos within your Documents.

Convert your PDFs:

WPS PDF Tools can convert your PDFs to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and JPG file formats. It can also be used to generate PDFs from the starting point.

Annotation in  your PDFs:

WPS PDF Tools allows you to annotate your PDFs with notes, highlights, and comments. You can also scan documents and extract the text using the built-in OCR tool.


WPS PDF Tools lets you add electronic signatures to your documents.


It provides you with high-end security protection. You can also password-protect your pdfs and encrypt them for extra security.

How Can You Convert Your PDF Format into Word?

WPS PDF to Word Converter is quick and easy to use, producing high-quality output. It can also enable mass output, other text formats, and the split-merge PDF pages that you demand.

  • In the WPS Office program, select the PDF to Word tool, or go to the WPS PDF Tools area and click PDF To Word.

  • Drag your PDF into the landing zone. Instead, you can access the PDF file from your local file store by clicking on upload / select file.

  • Once the PDF file has been submitted, click the convert button.

  • After a few seconds, it will be converted to a Word document.

  • You can now download an online converter by clicking the download button if you're using one. If you convert it in WPS Office using an offline tool.

Why Should You Download WPS Office?

WPS Office provides many features and functions, iOS, the good news is that this office suite is available on a variety of platforms, including IPad, Android, Mac OS, Linux, IOS, and Windows, allowing you to work efficiently from anywhere at any time. WPS office software is a programme that displays a collection of documents, PDFs, spreadsheets, and presentations in a single window. You can keep all of your files organized in one office. It is entirely free to use. But if you want to use and utilize many other features of a WPS Office you can get the paid subscription at a very reasonable price.

WPS office includes previewing and editing tools that can be used for a variety of purposes. These tools can convert text to PDF or Excel, modify image backgrounds, provide you with a range of templates for your presentation, and provide you with the finest work experience in less time, among other things.