4 Best Free Tools for Converting PDF to TXT in 2022

July 31, 2023527 views

We all come across pdf in our student or office life day by day. So, we are mostly well familiar with the basics of pdf. These are easy to share and non-editable files and are safe to use. But sometimes, we need to convert our pdf files into the txt files, which is a plain txt format. Txt files allow no formatting, and we use them for making notes, copying the instructions or preparing manuscripts.

If you want to convert your pdf files to txt and are searching for the best free tools to convert pdf to txt, we are here to help you.

4 Best Free Tools for Converting PDF to TXT in 2022

The method to convert pdf to txt by any tool, whether paid or offline, is almost the same. You just have to upload or drag and drop the file. After that, select pdf to txt. And then select convert. All these tools are compatible with windows and mac.

1-WPS office:

WPS office is one of the best free tools to convert your pdf files to txt files online or offline. You don’t have to move towards the premium version for pdf to txt conversion in the WPS office. Here are the steps to follow for a smooth conversion process.

Convert pdf to txt by WPS:

  • Open the pdf in the WPS office and move to the menu option. Click export pdf to and then go to txt. Click the export option.


  • Select the number of pages and working directory and save your txt file.



You can try the Zamzar pdf tool to convert pdf to txt file. Its online tool avail for free for the first 25 conversions. The files are stored in the Zamzar database for 24 hours. After that, your files will be automatically deleted.


Upload the pdf file in Zamzar and click the pdf to txt option. And then click convert now. The method to convert pdf files by Zamzar is very easy, and you can convert your file to txt just within 2 to 3 minutes.


It’s a free online available tool. But it only converts scanned images into text, but we can’t edit that file. If you want to edit that file, you have to buy the premium version.


Open your file in the pdf2go tool online. And wait for the file to upload. When your file is uploaded click start.


You can also convert your pdf files to txt by cloudconvert.com, a free tool available online. You don’t have to sign up for the first time.


Upload the pdf file or drag and drop in the cloudconvert tool and select pdf to txt. Once the file is uploaded, click the start option. Once the file is converted, you can download it.

Download WPS office:

You can see it’s very easy to convert pdf files to text online. But most of the pdf to txt converters instead of WPS are online. So, you can’t convert your files to txt unless you have an internet connection. To convert your files offline, you must try WPS office.

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