4 Most Promising Premium PDF Editors in 2022

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The finest premium pdf editors allow you to read, annotate, sign, distribute, and export pdf files in various formats besides merely allowing you to edit them in 2022.

Portable Document Format (pdf) was invented by Adobe co-founder Dr. John Warnock and is now one of the most common file formats. In the early 1990s, he made it possible for anyone to generate a file that looked and sounded the same regardless of which computer or operating system they opened it on.

WPS PDF: The Best PDF Premium Editor


WPS PDF’s annotation features are simple to operate. With a few clicks, you may add text, highlight it, strike through it, make annotations, and do various other useful things to the pages of your pdf. Using the online app's insert features, you may add new images and text to a document, white-out text, and insert web links and form fields.

WPS Office download appears as if it belongs in neither the Mac nor the PC because of its cross-platform nature. As a side effect, you get the impression that you are working on a system other than the one you have selected. Because WPS Office doesn't use any fonts on your computer, the software has a minimal selection of fonts. Arial, Courier New, Times New Roman, Verdana, and a signature typeface are all you can use for signing documents.

WPS Office offers a free trial of 7 days to try its premium version with premium pdf features in 2022 at fair price rates.

Soda PDF


The final three modules of Soda PDF premium pdf tools include OCR, Secure & Sign, and all of Soda PDF's more sophisticated features. Presets for the download of Soda PDF is available for adding relevant forms to newly created documents. For example, adding a simple text field or a print button to a custom invoice might be a wise decision. Data can be imported and exported into forms for ease of use and flexibility. OCR, or optical character recognition, is particularly difficult for pdf software. A non-text file, such as a picture, can theoretically be recognized using OCR. There is magic in the world when it happens. My Soda pdf OCR was unstable during my tests. Occasionally, the text was detected but was misspelled when it was discovered.

Slim PDF


The pdf app's premium features are intentionally constrained to keep it small and quick to use. This application is made to read pdf files easily and fluently. However, three additional features go above and beyond the normal options. To make matters even more complicated, many of these new additions are already part of standard software, making it difficult to distinguish them from the actual new functionality.

The text search option makes it much easier to find certain words and phrases. This is a godsend when it comes to pdfs. Rather than reading the entire page, you may use the free Slim pdf app to search for a certain word and have it indicate its location in the document. Additionally, it includes the ability to print out a report. Even if digital copies of papers appear to be the future, this is a common practice today. Finally, the option to rotate a pdf has been added. It's a great way to see a pdf if it's rotated the wrong way around. With Slim pdf tools, you don't have to swivel your computer or tablet to rotate pdf files.

Foxit PDF Editor


All the editing features you'd expect from a commercial program may be found in the free Foxit pdf Editor, previously known as PhantomPDF. Unlike many competitors, it is available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. You can only access the Pro edition on Windows, but there's a far cheaper cloud version if you don't mind not having a desktop application.

They provide various subscription options to obtain the Foxit pdf premium Pro edition, including monthly and annual subscription with a free trial and a reasonable price.

Foxit's user interface, mostly based on Microsoft Office, has a wealth of tutorial videos and support materials to get you started quickly. When upgrading to the Pro edition, you'll get access to additional features, including more powerful security, efficient file compression, and more. If you want to see if the Standard version can meet your needs before buying, a free trial is available (with no payment details required for Foxit pdf premium or Pro download).

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