PDF VS Word Software Comparison With Features, Pros and Cons

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    PDF and Word are two of the most widely used document formats across the globe. PDFs are more popular for professional documents due to their ability to preserve formatting across multiple platforms. While both formats have their advantages, there are several key differences between them that make PDF VS Word an interesting topic to consider.

    When looking at the suitability of Word for tasks, the ideas would be like PDF Vs DOCX comparison in many online reviews. Overall, both formats serve very different purposes so understanding these differences before deciding which one to use best is critical. Making the right choice will determine the success of the task you have at hand. We will look at PDF VS Word closely in this review.

    Comparing PDF Vs WORD is important when we look at some of the underlying suitability such as:

    When it comes to creating a document, Word is generally the easier option as it offers a wide range of features and options that allow users to customize how they want their documents laid out. This makes it ideal for writing reports or other text-heavy documents where visuals aren’t a priority.

    On the other hand, PDFs offer greater flexibility when dealing with graphics or images. This is as they can be easily embedded into a file without losing quality or resolution during transfer from one device to another.In addition, PDF files tend to retain formatting much better than word, which means you don't need to worry about your layout getting messed up on someone else's computer when viewing your work.

Features of PDF and Word

Editing Functions

    One major feature to look at in PDF VS Word comparison is editing. In this regard, Word is usually preferred since its interface allows users more control over how changes will look once applied while also making revisions easier overall . With PDFs, edits can still be made but require specialized software such as Adobe Acrobat Pro, and this may not always be available depending on what platform you're using at any given time.

    If accuracy and precision in editing is an important factor, then Word should be used instead of PDF format.

Online Conversion

    The WPS Office software can be used to convert PDF to several file types and vice versa. Excel, PPT , and JPG can be converted to PDF with the WPS online tool. The same process for file conversions can also be used to convert Excel to PDF, just like PPT, Word, JPG, among others.  While PDF conversions to other file types do not require the user to go online, a premium account is required for this functionality to work when using the Adobe platform.

    Using the WPS Online Tool for PDF Conversion is a great way to convert documents quickly and easily into different formats. The most popular conversion option is converting from one of these formats into a PDF file.

    The first step in using the WPS online tool for pdf conversion is uploading your document file onto their website by either dragging it directly onto the webpage or browsing your computer’s folders until you find it. Once this has been done successfully, select “PDF” from under “Convert To” on the left side of their page and click on “Start Now!” button at bottom right corner of page; this will begin processing your uploaded file so that its contents can be changed over to a pdf format with ease.

    Finally, once all steps have been completed correctly, an option available is  allowing a user download of the newly created PDF version of their original document. Simply click on the link provided and save the new version wherever desired. After downloading, you may open the downloaded copy and check the accuracy before sending it off to potential recipients. This is a vital step in this PDF VS Word review.

PDF and Word Compatibility

Combine Word Docs to PDF

    Combining Word documents to PDF is an efficient way to make sure that your work looks professional and well-presented. Not only will it look better, but it can also help you save time and space when sharing or printing out files. In this PDF VS Word segment, here here are the steps on how to combine Word documents into one PDF:

    First, open the respective Word documents that you want to combine in the WPS Office. To do this, select “File” then “Open” from the top menu bar. Then click on each file individually until they have all been opened in separate windows within WPS Office. Once everything has been opened up correctly, go back into File and select “Print” from the drop down menu options at the top of your screen; this should bring up a print dialog box with several different settings for printing out multiple pages/documents at once onto one sheet of paper/PDF document as one combined file type (e.g., .pdf).

    Finally in this segment of PDF VS Word comparison, you have to choose any additional settings such as page orientation or layout if needed before clicking Print again; this should generate an outputted single .pdf file containing all your previously separate word documents combined. Now you can easily share these files online when dealing with large amounts of data.

Download PDF to Word

Downloading PDFs to Word is an easy process that can be completed in a few simple steps. 

    The first step is to open the PDF file you wish to convert. Once the file has been opened, click on “File” at the top of your screen and select “Save As” from the drop-down menu. This will bring up a new window with several options for saving your document, choose “Word Document (.docx)” as this will ensure that all formatting and images are preserved when transferring from one format to another. Click “save”, and then wait for it to finish converting before opening it in WPS Word or any other word processing software of choice.

    The second step involves making sure all formatting looks correct after conversion by checking things like fonts, margins, page numbers etc. These features may not have been transferred correctly during conversion if they were not supported by both formats (PDF & .docx). If there are any discrepancies, simply make changes manually within WPS Word until everything looks how you want it too.

    Additionally, some text may appear differently than what was originally intended due to any failure to transfer completely. An extra check is needed after downloading just in case something needs altering slightly here or there before finalizing your document in preparation for sharing or printing.

Finally, when the process completes, go ahead, and save again, but this time as either a pdf or doc, depending on what format best suits whatever purpose you intend using them.

Edit PDF in Word

Editing a PDF in Word documents is easier than you think. With the right tools and techniques, you can quickly make changes to any document without having to start from scratch.

    The first step is converting the file into an editable format for Word documents such as .docx or .rtf files. To do this, open your desired document with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC then click “File” > “Export To” > “WPS Word” (or other compatible formats). This will convert your PDF into an editable format that can be opened with WPS Office applications like WPS Word or Excel.

    Using the converter, open your new doc in WPS Office and begin editing away! You'll have access to all of its features including formatting options like font size, color, etc.  Once you have finished making changes, save it back out by clicking File > Save As… Selecting either Docx or Rtf depending on what was used when opening initially before finally hitting Save.

    Finally, once saved go ahead and use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC again but now select Create instead of “Export To” followed by selecting PDF from the dropdown menu which will create another copy of our edited version that's now ready for sharing purposes! Depending on what type of content was added during editing there may be some noticeable differences between versions on your device.

    Always double check everything before sending off just in case, something got messed up while working on any of the files.

PDF and Word Compared




Multiple platform accessEasy formatting Better multimedia display Convenient for several editing functions No user registration needed.


Editing is only possible with premium package Contains ads


Free version with limited features Free version available


From $4.16/month for some versions From $3.99/month

System Support

Phone SupportKnowledge BaseEmail/Help DeskFAQs/Forum Email/Help DeskFAQs/ForumKnowledge BasePhone SupportChat


    1.“WPS Office is similar in layout to Microsoft Word so the learning curve is very low. Likewise, the product has a faster responsive rate when in use unlike other alternatives. WPS Office allows you a free option if you are not subscribed to the premium version.”

    2. “I like the compatibility of different documents from different platforms, compatible with WPS Office. Complete PDF options and complete management tools work seamlessly with WPS Office.”

Why PDF Users Prefer WPS Office ?

    This PDF VS Word comparison has shown that WPS Office is highly recommended with both the premium and free versions up for grabs. You should download WPS Office software for free and have access to the Word, Excel, and PPT function all-year-round.

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