WPS VS IlovePDF: Comparison, Performance and User Experience

February 27, 2023 |

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WPS VS IlovePDF: Comparison, Performance and User Experience
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In today’s world, editing has become an integral part of our lives. Every single thing we put out in front of the world is edited to some extent. When it comes to the business world, documents and files need effective creating and editing while being processed. There are several platforms that offer free editing features including the ability to add and remove text, images, and pages, as well as annotate PDFs and convert PDFs to other file formats. These, however, are the basic features of every PDF editor that many students and businesses partake in.

The basic features that are offered by several PDF editors are something that ultimately comes in handy to everyone who doesn't always share a similar quality of output. WPS PDF and ilovePDF are the two most popular that offer the basic version completely free. They share nearly similar features, regardless they have a number of differences that make them uniquely different from one another. In this article, several factors are considered while drawing a comparison between the two PDF tools. Both editors may be free, however, may not be as suitable for one user as it is for the other. WPS PDF comparison with ilovePDF will not only help you decide what PDF editor features to consider while choosing a PDF editor but which PDF editor between the two outperforms the other and may be a better choice for different users.

1. Interface

The interface of both WPS PDF and ilovePDF are relatively easy to understand and use. WPS PDF has a clean and user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, especially for new users. For those who are starting off with documentation and need an editing tool that entails numerous features while being completely free of cost, WPS PDF is the way to go. first-timers are generally comfortable using the application considering it offers clear instructions on where to find the features they need.

Besides that, the tools are organized into several tabs at the top of the software, which include Home, Page, Edit, Comment, View, and Protect making it easy to find and access the various tools and features. It only takes a quick click at the home tab before the users are provided with access to all the basic features such as adding, deleting, and rearranging pages. The other tabs offer more advanced features including annotating, adding comments, password protection, etc. WPS PDF is incredibly neat, meaning that it leaves no room for clutter. It also provides the user with the convenience of customizing the interface that suits their convenience and needs.

Meanwhile, since ilovePDF is an online platform, it has a web-based interface that can be a little confusing for new users. It is a little cluttered as it is organized into several sections including merge PDF, split PDF, compress PDF, convert to PDF, and edit PDF. However, despite that, once the users get the hang of the application, it gets fairly easy to use. The icons are considerably prominent, and the thumbnails are also big enough for users to understand what page they need to keep and which to discard.

Overall, WPS PDF is perfect for people who want a quick conversion and don’t want to challenge themselves to access certain PDF features. It is more user-friendly than ilovePDF making navigation much easier. The neat arrangement of the tabs allows an organized and productive experience for the users. Besides that, WPS PDF is also a standalone software, unlike ilovePDF. Thus, users are not distracted by different ads on the application and are not as confused.

2. Pricing

When it comes to the pricing there is no doubt over the fact that WPS PDF is a better option. It is a completely free PDF editing software that offers a range of features to help users create, edit and annotate PDF documents. The application also offers a paid plan which entails more extensive features. The fee for the paid plan is incredibly nominal, considering it’s only $29.99 per year. Besides that, while downloading, users are not troubled by any hidden subscription fee or in-app purchases. And even with the free version users are not limited to any file size limit, or watermarks over converted or edited documents are added.

Meanwhile, ilovePDF also offers both free and premium versions of its PDF editing tool. The free version offers multiple features such as merging, splitting and compressing PDFs. However, batch processing can only be accessed by opting for the paid version, thus users who do not want to process files one at a time find it incredibly limiting. The free version also adds a watermark to the edited file, which many users do not prefer. Besides that, the overall cost starts at $6 per month and goes up to $49 per year, which is nearly twice as much as WPS PDF.

3. Compatibility

Since WPS PDF is a standalone desktop application and can be operated to its fullest capabilities even when offline, it is compatible with all the major operating systems including, Windows, Mac, and Linux this makes the application accessible to a wider range of audiences who prefer using PDF editing tools even on their local devices like iPhones or Android without having to rely on internet capabilities.

Meanwhile, ilovePDF is a web-based application and requires a stable internet connection to function, thus it may not always be compatible with all web browsers.

4. Security

As far as security is concerned, WPS PDF offers an extensive range of features including password protection, file encryption, and digital signatures to prevent any unauthorized access. The encryption feature allows users to protect their files and documents from unauthorized modifications or copying.

Meanwhile, ilovePDF only offers the basic level of PDF editing with security features. The security features mainly include password protection. File encryption and digital signature features cannot be found in this application.

PDF sharing is a major concern, especially for businesses. And safe file transferring is something that businesses consider when choosing a good PDF editor. This WPS PDF not only makes sharing easier by being compatible with various platforms and file formats, but it is also incredibly robust.

5. Customer support

Software editors may seem like an easy piece of cake to deal with, however, it is normal for many users to run into certain problems that would require them to get professional assistance in order to fix them. WPS PDF offers several tutorials, guides as well as FAQs on its website, which users can refer to any time they want. Besides that, WPS PDF also has a customer care hotline where users can conveniently call any time and there will be an assistant to help them out regarding their issues. Users are also able to contact them through their email, where you can expect a response within 24 hours. There’s also an active community forum where many users share tips and tricks and offer help regarding any troubleshooting issues. Regular updates, bug fixes, and new feature releases ensure that the software is performing to the best capabilities.

IlovePDF has an online FAQ segment, which the users can refer to any time they want regarding their issue. The platform also provides an email for contact and they respond within 24 hours. However, besides this, ilovePDF does not appear to be providing as extensive assistance and customer care support as WPS PDF.

6. Performance

WPS PDF offers a fast and smooth performance in comparison with ilovePDF, with a user-friendly interface and a range of advanced features that allow users to edit PDF documents quickly and efficiently. WPS PDF offers a wide range of editing and creating tools where users can make the most out of the free services.

The application has an intuitive interface that makes it easy for users to navigate, access, and customize the different features of the software. Additionally, WPS PDF has a smaller installation size and consumes fewer system resources, which makes it run faster and more efficiently than ilovePDF. IlovePDF’s performance also depends mostly on internet connectivity.





User Interface

  • User Friendly

  • Customizable

  • Simple

  • Professional look


  • Allows user to share files and collaborate

  • OCR

  • Annotation

  • Allows user to share files and collaborate

  • OCR

  • Annotation


Free and paid plans

Free and paid plans


Offers advanced security features such as password protection, encryption, and digital signatures

Offers a wide range of tools for working with PDFs, including file conversion, annotation, and collaboration features


Some advanced features, such as digital signatures, are only available in paid plans

Free plan has limitations on file size and number of files processed per day


Provides encryption, digital signatures and password protection

Password protection


Why WPS is the Superior Choice Over ilovePDF

Both WPS PDF and ilovePDF are free PDF editors and both offer similar basic features but they differ in terms of interface, pricing, compatibility, and security. WPS PDF has a cleaner and more user-friendly interface and also provides a built-in manager, making it a better option for new users. It is also a standalone software, compatible with major operating systems, and offers better security features such as file encryption and digital signatures. In contrast, ilovePDF has a cluttered web-based interface that can be confusing for some users. It requires a stable internet connection, and its security features are limited just to password protection. Pricing is also a major consideration, and WPS PDF provides the most premium features completely free, while ilovePDF offers both free and paid versions. The paid version of ilovePDF includes features such as batch processing, but it costs nearly twice as much as WPS PDF's paid version which provides services for businesses where they can collaborate and share their work easily. Overall, WPS PDF is a better choice for those who want a quick conversion and easy access to basic PDF features, while ilovePDF may be suitable for those who prioritize batch processing and web-based editing. WPS PDF free version can easily be downloaded by clicking here.

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