A Brief Guide About How to Add Pages to A PDF

July 31, 2023327 views

People who submit files in various formats converted into pdf format and added numerous pages into one need to have pdf add pages software installed on their PCs or mobile devices. These programs may be downloaded for free. Before emailing them to their coworkers, many people first convert official papers to PDF format. The specialists save time by combining multiple individual files into a comprehensive one. Those who don't know how to add pages to a pdf on their computer or phone will run into issues while attempting to add PDF documents. This post will guide you through obtaining a free PDF reader and editor so that you can learn about how to add pages to a pdf using different tools.

How to Add Pages to A PDF Using DocHub

DocHub is an ideal choice for updating any document, whether you need to add pages to a PDF or use any of the other editions features it offers.

  • Use the Drag-and-Drop area to send a file to DocHub.

  • Use the toolbar to add pages to a pdf and make other changes to the document.

  • Click the Download/Export icon in the upper right corner to move forward.

  • Choose where your paper will be saved.

  • Click either "Download" or "Export," depending on where you want to store the file in which you added pages to a pdf

How to Add Pages to A PDF Using NitroPdf Pro

You can combine pages from several different PDFs into a single document using Nitro Pro. When you add pages to a pdf, you can either insert the entirety of a document or simply a specific page range from that document.

  • Under Pages in the Page Layout group, click Insert to add pages to a pdf.

  • In the Open dialogue, choose the file you want to add.

  • Click Open. In the Insert Pages dialogue box, choose the number of pages you want to add and where they should go in your file.

  • Click Insert to add pages to a pdf.

How to Add Pages to A PDF Using WPS Office

Follow these steps to learn how to add pages to a PDF document using WPS Office.

  • Download wps office from the official website online.

  • Open the PDF that you want to add pages to from the list.

  • After clicking the Page tab, select Insert Pages from the drop-down menu that appears.

  • At this point, we have the option of inserting a blank page. Ctrl + Alt + I is the shortcut key for it.

  • We can adjust the new page's dimensions, orientation, number, and insertion position within the popup dialogue box.

  • Simply inserting a blank page requires you to click the OK button to add pages to a pdf.

Usage Tips for WPS Users

Downloading the WPS PDF Tool, which is both reliable and high-quality software for adding pages to PDF documents, is free. You need to have a dependable, functional, and user-friendly attractive PDF viewer and editor installed on your mobile device or desktop computer to edit any PDF file or doc file and join all of the pages. You may browse, edit, and convert files of type jpg, image, doc, or ppt into PDF format by downloading the WPS PDF tool from the WPS Office website, installing it, and then using it. When you edit PDF files, you can save them in a format you choose, which you can do at any time.choosing, which you can do at any time

FAQs About WPS office

WPS integrates four applications that are packed with features. As was just discussed, there are a handful of WPS features that, regardless of the line of work that you're in, will be of assistance to you.

What are some commonly used WPS Office features?

Your documents can be edited, made, or re-edited whenever, wherever, and on whatever device you choose. WPS Office is a sophisticated office suite that allows for the editing of documents, the management of spreadsheets, and the calculation of data.

Can we also remove the pages from PDF using WPS?

Yes, WPS Office is an application that was developed to fulfill a particular requirement. You can use the page removal feature to remove unnecessary pages from PDF.

WPS Office is a valuable and professional software that allows you to edit files in Writer, Presentation, Spreadsheet, and PDF formats, which will help you get more work done in less time. WPS Office is the industry-leading office software solution provider, and its products are used to boost productivity in both individual and commercial settings. So, don’t delay any further and download the WPS office now to enjoy a 7 days free trial!

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