A Brief Guide about How to Extract Data from PDF Form

July 31, 20231.1K views

Most people think that editing in the pdf is very challenging. If you think that it is true then we are here to prove it wrong . This article will teach you how to extract data from the pdf form while using WPS Office Offline tool . So, Are you ready to learn How To Extract Data From Pdf Form using WPS office?

WPS Office is complete online offline tool

We have many different office tools on the internet but they are not a complete package .WPS Office Offline is a one-stop-shop for your problems regarding your document.This single tool can help you in resolving the issue of your document. While using this tool you can do different things on one platform,you can easily edit ,compress,merge,split,add signature and watermark to your documents. WPS office is not only online but you can also use it offline by downloading it.

In short WPS Office Offline is a tool which solves your document related issues at a single platform.The best thing about WPS Office online, offline tool is that you can access its features online. The following are the steps addressing your question about how to extract data from pdf form So, let’s have a look!

How to extract data from pdf form using 2022 free best WPS office online offline?

Here are the few steps that you should follow to extract data from pdf so, lets do


First of all open the wps office and click on the edit pdf option.



Search for the file from which you want to extract data .


### STEP 3 :

Select the option page.


STEP 4 :

In the option page you can find the extract page option. Select this option .


STEP 5 :

In this step which page data you want to extract you write its number. You can also change the file name from here . If you do not want this page in the pdf you can select the delete option and this data will be removed from the original document and you can get your desired data.


Can we use the wps office offline ?

The best thing about WPS Office Offline tool is that you can access its features online and offline both .You can download on your devices to make it available to use offline if you do not want to run to the internet through the link https://www.wps.com/

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