A Guide to Xodo Pro Free Trial - In Detail

July 31, 20231.0K views

What is Xodo Pro?


Xodo Pro is a premium document creation app designed for businesses to automate PDF text editing, annotation, digital signature, sharing, and more. It can be installed on-premises and offers cloud support to enable teams to collaborate with clients and colleagues in real-time. Xodo Pro free trial allows users to digitize and save signatures using a finger or stylus to sign documents including contracts, cover letters, and reports. It includes a range of tools to edit, annotate, save, and share documents or PDFs and perform tasks such as creating notes, underlining or highlighting text, inserting comments, images, and shapes, freehand sketching, and more. Xodo Pro free trial also offers integrations with cloud storage solutions including Google Drive, DropBox, and OneDrive to facilitate data sharing.

The Xodo Pro app is available on all app stores and compatible with all operating systems like iOS, Android and web applications. Basic version of this app is available to users for free. However, some features are paid and need a monthly or annual subscription. You can try these premium features in Xodo Pro Free Trial.

Xodo Pro Pricing After Free Trial


  • $9.00 per month.
  • $108.00 annually.

Pro only Features of Xodo Free Trial

  • You can access Free as well as Pro tools on multiple platforms after subscribing for free pro trial.
  • Cross-platform File processing capability
  • Unlimited document processing which is not available in the free version.
  • License for business use, to preserve the data privacy.

Xodo Features

  • Fully capable of annotating PDFs.
  • Collaboration Tools for team work.
  • Commenting/Notes feature.
  • Convert different file formats to PDF.
  • Customizable PDF Forms.
  • Data Import/Export option.
  • Data Synchronization with cloud and on-premise.
  • Digital Signature with advanced electronic signature technology.
  • Full Text Search to better discover the tool.
  • PDF reading and fill access to Text Editing.
  • Font customization.


  • Simple and appealing layout, thus a great user experience.
  • Free to download and use except for a few premium features.
  • Opening multiple PDF files for annotation.
  • Perfect Working of clutter-free interface.
  • Cloud and saving options.
  • Fast and secure file processing.
  • Excellent zoom-in and zoom-out function.


  • After updating, it lags and crashes the opened file, approx after an hour.
  • Some features are hard to discover if you are using it for the first time, in my case i am new at using it.
  • Premium features are paid like any other software which I was not expecting.
  • There is a lack of perfection in font styles and customization.

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