How to Split PDF using WPS PDF Online
How to split PDF for Free Using the ILOVEPDF Online Tool
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Are you trying to send a PDF file through Email but receiving an irritating message that you can't send a file, if its size exceeds the defined limit? In such a case, you wonder how to split PDF files into different sections of smaller sizes to make its sharing easy. Don't worry; we've got a solution to put this issue on the bed.

A little research will pull up many tools and software, free or paid. We'll narrow down the list to the best online tools to assist you on how to split PDF.keep reading this handy guide to know about the best ones.

How to Split PDF using WPS PDF Online

The Split PDF tool under the roof of WPS PDF is the easiest and recommended way to extract pages from your big file.

1-Visit the official site of WPS PDF and select split PDF from various tools.


2-Hit the "Select PDF file" button, browse for the file you want to split into sections, and open it.

3-After some processing, all the pages of your provided file will spread separately.

4-You can select your concerned pages, which you want to save as a separate file. Remember that you can extract/selcet 3 pages at a time; otherwise, an exceed limit warning will pop up.

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5-When you click on the pages, the tool provides 2 options: "Extract to 1 PDF" or "Extract to the number PDFs" as the number of selected pages


6-Congratulations ! the tool's duty is over. Hit the "Download" button to download your file on your device.

How to split PDF for Free Using the ILOVEPDF Online Tool

ILOVEPDF is also a renowned tool used for a variety of online purposes.i.e,edit ,convert,merge or split a file.Follow the below guide to split your PDF file.

1-Go to the split PDF tool on the ILOVEPDF webpage.

2-Click on the select PDF file button to choose a file from your device or google drive.


3-Move to the SPlit by rangs tab and select the Custom Ranges.

4-Mention the page range you want to extract from the main PDF file. Tap the Add Range button if you want to add another range.


5-If you want to merge all ranges in one PDF file, then tick the option.

6-Click on the Split PDF button to start processing.

7-You can now hit the Download button to save the file to the device.


Wrap Up

Both online tools are easy to use and split PDF files smoothly. But WPS PDF is recommended from our side as its interface is user-friendly and has an offline version. You can download the WPS Office Software offline Desktop application to make your learning and working experience easy and enjoyable. Solute to its All-in-one feature, it can smoothly manage the word, ppt, sheet, and pdf files.