Adobe Acrobat Reader DC: Is It Worth It?

July 31, 2023908 views

Pdf editors have a sizable audience, and their many subsets of users are always looking for new and improved functionality. If you've looked for a pdf editor before, you know there are many options, each with its unique presentation style. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC has been around for quite some time, and the company is one of the most well-known names in the pdf editor market. Some users may feel the tool isn't up to par with their needs, while others will swear by it and refuse to use anything else. It all comes down to individual preference, and you need to know what you need from a tool before choosing it.

Costs and breakdowns of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

There is a range of pricing tiers available for the resource, so it should be possible to meet the needs of most businesses. You can subscribe for a full year with a free trial online (in one lump sum or monthly installments) or on a month-to-month basis; the Pro version costs around $2-3 more per month than the Standard, depending on your subscription type with a free trial. Companies, schools, and educators can benefit from these unique Adobe Acrobat pdf Reader DC app download packages.

Document comparison (with the ability to strip out differences), optical character recognition, redaction, and validation are all exclusive to the Pro version. Many of these enhancements are tailored toward the specialized requirements of business users so that most customers won't miss them. But for those who require the premium features, the Pro subscription is well worth the extra money.

Features of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC includes many helpful tools to help you manage and make the most of your pdf files. You can do the usual stuff like split and merge documents, change the font or other formatting, cut and paste text, etc. Several image formats and Microsoft Word are also supported for conversion. Compressing pdf without losing any information is also possible with the program, though the results will vary greatly depending on the details of your documents.

If you need to make edits to forms, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC has you covered, though it may feel limiting after using more robust apps. Most people can get by just using the form editor, but if that's going to be a significant part of your day, you might want to look into some of the more powerful alternative apps out there.

Which pdf reader is superior, WPS Office or Adobe?


In the business world, pdfs are a must-have. They're simple to make, accessible from any device, and ideal for sending confidential data. Some pdf readers are better than others, though. Regarding working with and managing pdf, Adobe Acrobat pdf Reader DC download is the industry standard. In addition to commenting, filling out forms, and protecting documents with passwords, it has many other useful features.

Aside from its high price, Adobe Acrobat can be complicated for those requiring only the most fundamental pdf features. On the other hand, WPS Office with a free trial is an inexpensive alternative that includes all the necessary pdf functionality. In addition to being more user-friendly than Adobe Acrobat, this software is a fantastic option for startups and solo entrepreneurs. There is no silver bullet for dealing with pdfs. However, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and WPS Office online are highly recommended and should suffice for most users.

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