All About Convertio Free Trial

July 31, 20232.1K views

Is file conversion a hassle for you? Are you looking for software that makes daily conversion easy? Go for “Convertio free trial”. Convertio is software that can translate many files into the format that you want. Conversions can be made online. There is no need to download the application. Apart from that, it also has a 14-day free trial option that helps better understand the software’s features.

Why Is Convertio Free Trial Good?

Though the free trial is a limited-time offer it gives you an in-depth understanding of the software. In such a short time, you can enjoy premium features and decide on the plan that best suits your budget. Many apps don’t offer free trials and their services are also not good. Buying such apps puts you at a monetary loss. Hence, you lose trust. By providing the free online trial, the developers want you to trust them and guarantee you would not regret paying for the app.

Why Should You Go For Convertio Free Trial?

  • You can make file conversions online.

  • As you do not need to download it, the desktop space is saved.

  • The free trial helps you check the software for windows 10, windows 11, windows 8, for android, and also for mobile conversions.

  • For mac computers, Convertio is best and through Convertio free trial you can test it by yourself too.

  • The free trial keeps your documents safe and private.

Features of Convertio 

  • Convertio makes file conversions easy and quick.

  • You can use Convertio for altering image files, text, and audio files.

  • It makes compressing and resizing files.

  • Conversions are made in the cloud.

  • The privacy of your documents is guaranteed.

  • It supports more than 300 file formats and has advanced setting options like flip, rotate, quality etc.

Convertio Free Trial and Some Limitations

Undoubtedly, the free online trial of Convertio is an excellent help in making the right decision, but it does have some limitations as well. Using the free trial, you cannot convert files of size above 100 MB. Moreover, you cannot get ad-free pages. For that, you have to buy a subscription.


WPS And Convertio Free Trial: A Comparison

WPS has a proper office suite. It supports multiple documents that you can view. For instance, if you have downloaded WPS on your PC or mobile, there is no need to download the PDF viewer separately. WPS PDF will open the PDF for you.

If you are working on a word document on WPS, you can save it as a PDF. Likewise, it gives many other format options to save a file. On the other hand, convertio free trial only aids in file conversions. Once the file format is changed according to your requirement, you have to download it. Also, It does not support file editing. 


Why WPS?

WPS is a complete package where you don’t have to hassle with different document viewers. So click the link right now and download WPS: WPS Office Premium Free Trial 2022

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