Small pdf in filehorse - Free trial
Overview of small pdf basic data in filehorse
How does a small pdf compare with WPS Office?

Small PDF in filehorse is a feature-rich office tool solution. It helps you compress your pdf files’ size without compromising their quality. You can also use this app to convert your pdf files into different formats on the go.

Besides advanced conversion and compression capabilities, you can also use this tool as a smart PDF reader. This can offer you an amazing reading experience.

Small pdf in filehorse - Free trial

Small pdf in filehorse was once available as freeware. However, now it has switched to premium pdf software. Still, you can get its 7-day trial version for free. The trial version is suitable for people who want to experience the features of the Small Pdf application before investing.

1. Small pdf in Filehorse – Coupons and discount

Unfortunately, you can access its limited-time free trial only. There are no discounts, and coupon options are available for Small Pdf in filehorse.

2. Small pdf in Filehorse – Downloading overview

Small pdf has a four stars user review on Filehorse. You can download the software on your desktop to start enjoying its features. Always remember that Small Pdf is compatible with Windows 7+ versions only. However, you can use it on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions. After experiencing the free trial, you can upgrade to its subscription plan. Subscription offers are available for both monthly and yearly payments. So, choose as per your preference. Get the latest version at

Overview of small pdf basic data in filehorse

Originally, the Small Pdf tool had a crude interface. However, its latest version has come up with a stylish, redesigned look. With its newer interface, using Small Pdf has become easier and quicker.

This app can convert, compress, edit, merge, split, delete, or even rotate pdf file pages. All these tools will open their own pop-up window to give you easier control over your files.

How does a small pdf compare with WPS Office?

Here we have a quick comparison of Small Pdf and WPS Office. You must know:

Unlike the Small Pdf tool, WPS Office doesn’t offer a limited-time free trial. Instead, most WPS Office applications and features are entirely free to use. WPS Office has a more modern interface than Small Pdf. The organized and easier-to-use interface of WPS Office doesn’t require any learning curve to get started. WPS Office offers you a complete suite of office applications to fulfill all your document-related needs.

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