An Overview of the Foxit PDF Reader

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A limited pdf reader is a critical bottleneck that can slow down even the most optimized operations because the capacity to modify pdfs is often essential to companies. Fortunately, with the free Foxit pdf reader available online, you can bypass all that and easily edit any existing pdf file. It will no longer be necessary to export the original software as a pdf to remedy a bug before discovering another issue.

A Straightforward, Easy-To-Navigate User Interface

The navigation bar at the top of the screen contains clearly labelled options like "Edit," "Convert," "Protect," and "Share," each of which corresponds to a different sub-task.

When you click on one, the icons in the row beneath it rearrange themselves to provide you with the tools you need to complete the selected action. The functionalities of the interface are cleverly concealed until they are required. Foxit pdf reader download is an excellent alternative to Adobe Acrobat if you want something less complicated.

New users can also access the app's "Tool Wizards" by selecting them from the main menu (where the pdf file is usually shown).

Simpler than a typical word processor

The "Edit" tab is selected automatically whenever a PDF is opened, so you can make changes there if necessary.

Each pdf section will become a selectable text box that may be moved, resized, and reordered as needed. The text within it will automatically reflow as its size is adjusted. The same thing takes place if you alter the data in these fields.

When editing, it might be frustrating when the document's main body is separated into multiple text boxes, and the text doesn't naturally flow from one box to the next. However, this is no longer an issue thanks to Foxit's "Link & Join Text" feature.

In the correct order, click the squares whose contents you wish to link after selecting. You can go back to revising and writing, typically within the brackets.

The text editing features are those found in any modern word processor. Change the font size, color, and placement on the page as desired. Commonly used formatting options like bold, italics, underline, and strikethrough is available, along with more specific options such as character size, line spacing, paragraph spacing, and character scale.

Foxit PDF Reader, available for free online, has almost everything you need to make the required changes. Additionally, there is a built-in spellchecker.

Both WPS Office and Foxit pdf reader offer a selection of options.


In addition to other features, the Business and Enterprise plans of WPS Office provide users with access to a dedicated support agent. For those who would instead work at their own pace, we provide a wealth of self-service tools, including an easily searchable knowledge base and comprehensive user guides, at no cost.

The WPS Academy is a free resource where users can learn about upcoming updates, ask questions, and share their thoughts on how the WPS Office suite might be improved. Many concerns are addressed, and everyday use cases, workflows, and known difficulties are walked through in the articles that make up the Knowledge Base. The WPS Office pdf Pro guide has several helpful articles. Anyone may use the accessible version of WPS Office download thanks to the numerous tutorial videos, written directions, and visual aids like screenshots available on the website.

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