Best PDF Editor for Mac (2024 Updated)

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Do you have a MacBook? Do you need help editing PDFs on your Mac? The best PDF editor for Mac will make it easy for you. Best PDF editors for Mac enable you to edit, protect, draw, annotate, and do more with your PDFs.

Why You Need a PDF Editor for Mac

Why do you need a PDF editor for Mac? Well, that’s an interesting question. The PDF editor software is a must for MacBooks. We all use PDFs daily for reading, writing, or other purposes. How about owning the best PDF editor for Mac? Below are the advantages that’ll convince you to download them:

1. They make the work easier

PDF editor software will make your work easier as you won’t be required to convert PDF files to any other document. Moreover, they’ll save you time.

2. Safe and secure

The best PDF editor for Mac in 2023 is highly encrypted. Furthermore, they allow you to protect your files. You can add passwords, signatures, and restrictions to your files.

3. Save your time

Imagine you need to edit a PDF file, and you do this by using an online tool. What if there’s an internet issue at the same time? What if the online tool isn’t reliable? The best PDF editors for Mac ensure your data is safe and secure. Moreover, they save you time. You can view, edit, save, share, and do more without an internet connection.

Best 3 PDF Editors for Mac in 2023

The internet is full of the best PDF editors for Mac that claim to be safe, secure, and full of advanced features. And scams and viruses that they won’t tell you. Amongst various softwares, we have discovered the best ones and listed them below.

1. WPS Office

WPS Office is one of the best PDF editors for Mac in 2023 because the software allows users to open and use four different types of documents. Imagine using Excel Spreadsheet, PPT presentation, Word Doc, and PDF on the same window. WPS Office is free software but has two paid plans that you can check here. The software offers a user-friendly interface with easy-to-use tools. You can download the standard version for free and update it to the paid ones whenever you wish. Additionally, the software supports and is compatible with MacOS


  • It lets you view, edit, draw, and more.

  • Has many features

  • Easy to use

  • Friendly user interface

  • Has a PDF tool that can be downloaded separately

  • A vast online library of free templates

  • Highly encrypted

Tips for Using

  • Download the software from its official website

  • Run it on your MacBook

  • Open or upload a PDF file

  • Check out the toolbar for some excellent tools

  • Edit, add texts, images and more to your PDFs

  • Try translating it in another language

  • Try using the print option

  • Explore the toolbar for more features


A G2 review about the software states, “WPS Office allows users to access documents of every format at a single doorstep. The best feature is that we can convert the format of documents from one to another. It even contains inbuilt data storage from which we can access our past documents easily.”

2. Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is another best PDF editor for Mac in 2023. It’s best known for its security features. Who doesn’t like secure software? If you want highly encrypted software that allows users to password protect and add signatures to their files. The software has a friendly user interface and provides essential tools sufficient for everyday work. However, you can always update to Adobe pro if you want extraordinary features.


  • Highly Encrypted

  • Allows password and signature protection

  • Has essential tools

  • Easy to download

  • Easy to use

  • Lets users add a restriction on files


  • Has advanced features only on the pro version

  • Can be complex with huge PDF files

Tips for Using

  • Download the software for its official website

  • Open or upload a PDF file

  • Edit, add texts and images, sticky notes, comments and more to your file

  • Save and share

  • Check the protection tool

  • Explore menu bar for more features


A G2 review about the software states, “One of the standout features of Acrobat Pro is the ability to edit text and images directly within a PDF document. This is particularly useful for correcting mistakes or updating documents without having to recreate them from scratch. Acrobat Pro also offers a range of annotation tools, including highlighting, underlining, and adding comments, making it easy to collaborate with others on a document.”

3. PDF Expert

PDF Expert is known for automatically detecting text fonts, size, and opacity. Moreover, this software lets users draw, annotate, edit, and do much more. It’s the best PDF editor for Mac as it has been updating and improving for MacBook users. It’s an easy-to-use software that has about 30 million users worldwide. The software only offers seven days trial.


  • Easy to use

  • Auto detection of text size, font, and opacity

  • Free to download

  • Variety of tools


  • It’s not free.

Tips for Using

  • Download the free trial version of the software on your Mac

  • Update it to a monthly or yearly plan

  • Upload or create a PDF

  • Edit, add texts, notes, images, and more

  • Check out its tools in the menu


A G2 review of the software says, “I can view and edit files connected to my google drive seamlessly. It makes creating pdf files a breeze. I also have access to the many editing options usually unavailable in most apps. I am able to flatten files which makes it really simple to keep my google drive usage down.”

FAQs on Best PDF Editor for Mac

What is the best PDF editor for Mac?

Adobe Acrobat is the best PDF editor for Mac because it has sufficient features and high security.

Is there a PDF editor on Mac?

WPS Office PDF tool is a PDF editor on Mac that is free of cost and offers a variety of advanced features for free. Moreover, the software has a vast free template library.

Learn More about the Best PDF Editor for Mac

There will be many PDF editors for Mac in 2023, and choosing the best one is tricky. We made this easy for you. We have recommended the best PDF editors for Mac in 2023 that you can try out. One such editor is WPS Office.

WPS Office is a creative and productive software that allows users to multitask on a single window. Moreover, the software has many tools available for free. The software is compatible with all systems and has applications for phones. Isn’t it interesting? When are you downloading it? Get yours here!

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