1. Adobe Acrobat
2. Foxit PDF Editor
3. WPS Office
4. pdfFiller by airSlate
5. Smallpdf
6. Wondershare PDFelement
7. Nitro PDF Productivity
8. Lumin PDF for G suite
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PDF files have become common in almost all fields. The files are more secure than other document formats and are compatible with several devices. Due to the growing demand for PDF files, many software has been developed. Thus, the burden of choosing the best PDF editors relies on the user.

Regardless of their security features and editing constraints, you can easily edit a PDF file and change its appearance. Several PDF editing tools have been launched, which home PDF editing tools. However, some of these editors come with additional features and tools. In this article, where are going to discuss some of the best PC-based PDF editors.

1. Adobe Acrobat

If you regularly work with PDf files, you must have heard of or worked with Adobe Acrobat Software. Its exclusive editing tools have won the hearts of many. These tools allow users to interact, edit, create, and customize PDF files. Unlike other software, Adobe Acrobat has a simple interface, and crucial tools are strategically placed. Thus, the software allows experts and beginners to use the software comfortably.

In most cases, the computers are affected by viruses and malware, which make the user lose all the files and documents. You do not need to worry if you’re using Adobe Acrobat. The software has cloud-based storage where users can store documents and other files, relieving their PCs from space burdens. Additionally, cloud-based services allow the user to share and interact with the documents in real time easily.

Unlike other editors, Adobe Acrobat has advanced security features. It has encryption tools that help users lock and secure the document’s content from unauthorized access. While editing the document, the user can add protections like passwords and other annotating features like signatures. Thus, if you are working on a confidential document, Adobe Acrobat editor is perfect.

The software has collaborative tools. If you’re working on a team document, Adobe Acrobat is one of the best software. The software allows users to share documents via email. In addition, when using the cloud services of the software, you can share the document's link in the cloud.

Features of Adobe Acrobat

Some of the features you’re likely to find in Adobe Acrobat include:

Exclusive editing tools Collaborative tools like email and cloud services Annotating and protection features

2. Foxit PDF Editor

Foxit PDF Editor is another crucial ODF editing tool you can install on your computer. The software is mainly used for editing and creating PDF-based documents. Thus, you can try this robust software if you regularly deal with PDF-related documents and files.

Foxit PDF Editor is a computer-based software for editing PDFs that is available for a free trial and monthly subscriptions. The software has several unique features than any other PDF editing tool. Therefore, the subscriptions depend on the features you want to have in your Editor. Some formats you can convert your PDF document to include Word, PowerPoint, HTML, Image, and  RTF. Sometimes, you may have your document in PDF format and want to convert it to other formats, e.g., Word, PowerPoint, HTML, etc. Not all software can do so, but Foxit comes to the rescue. The Foxit software allows users to open and customize PDF files later saved in any format.

Due to its unique features, the software produces eye-catching, presentable documents. Its well-packed tools and features allow users to fully customize the document without importing other external tools. Additionally, the software yields high-quality PDFs. Due to its increasing popularity, the software is available for Mac, Linux, and Windows users. Therefore, you can use the software from any type of Operating system.

Features of Foxit PDF Editor

Some of the features you’re likely to find in Foxit PDF Editor include:

The software has PDF-split features. The software has annotating features, which include a sign and scan tools. The software has an intuitive and well-packed ribbon. Finally, Foxit PDF Editor has dynamic printing tools.

3. WPS Office

WPS Office isn’t a new term to many computer users. It is the default editing tool for many computer users. Unlike other editors, WPS Office deals with all genres of documents, PDFs, Word, PPT, Etc.

WPS Office has unique document creation and editing tools. It is an all-in-one software that promotes the creation of documents in various extensions. Once you’ve created your document on this software, you can easily change its format to another extension of your choice.

Benefits of using WPS office to edit your documents:

The software works with diverse document formats. Thus, you can edit any document regardless of its extension. The software is easy to use than other web-based editing tools. The UI interface is simple and favorable for beginners. The software produces high-quality and presentable software suitable for business purposes. The software is free.

Features of WPS Office

Here are some of the features of WPS Office:

The Application has collaborative tools. Users can share edited documents using the share feature of the software. Rich in Editing tools. Unlike other software, WPS Office has well-packed and extensive tools that are useful in editing documents. The software is associated with WPS Cloud. WPS Cloud is a cloud-based storage that allows users to store various media files and documents. The WPS cloud can help store students’ vital documents, relieving their PCs' storage pressure. The software allows the opening of multiple documents. Thus, you can compare two or more documents with ease.

4. pdfFiller by airSlate

Apart from PC-based software, do you know web-based tools for editing documents? Today, several web-based tools have been launched that deal with the editing and management of documents. pdfFiller by airSlate is a good example of an online document editing platform.

The software competes with other PDF editors by providing its services on an online editor. The software doesn’t require one to have an application on the PC; you can use the software on the web using your browser anytime and anywhere. Therefore, being a web-based tool, you can easily share PDF files using collaborative tools found on the platform. Additionally, one can create and fill out forms online.

The online document management platform has cloud services. Thus, users can store documents and other files on the cloud, relieving their computer's burden of storage. In addition, you can use cloud services to create templates, which can be used for future purposes.

The online editor has unique editing and document-creating tools and services, which makes it one of the best online editors of all time. Its charges come with a diverse package of features and editing tools. Thus, the more expensive the package is the more unique features the software hosts. It also has a free trial plan, which allows beginners to interact with the software.

Features of pdfFiller by airSlate

Some of the features of pdfFiller by airSlate include:

The software has exclusive editing tools. pdfFiller by airSlate contains a well-packed ribbon that helps users customize and prepare the document before sharing.

Like most PDF editors, pdfFiller by airSlate has extra features that allow users to alter and embed signatures to the document.

The software has document-uploading features that allow users to draw documents from their devices and store them on the platform.

5. Smallpdf

Smallpdf is a web-based PDF editor tool that allows users to edit and manage PDF documents. It is one of the most commonly used software when handling PDF documents on the cloud. Like other web-based editors, you can easily access the Smallpdf editor using your mobile or PC browser.

Before using the editor, you must create an account using your email. Once you’ve created an account, the platform allows you to create, edit, customize and convert PDF documents to the format of your choice. Then, you can enjoy the 21 editing tools found on the platform. The entire library of Smallpdf tools provides all the tools to alter the document's originality.

Smallpdf Tools

Here are the tools you’ll find in Smallpdf:

Compress PDF tool: Helps in compressing your PDF documents and removing empty pages.

PDF Converter Tool: Essential in converting other documents to PDF format.

PDF to PPT tool: helps convert your PDF document into a presentation.

JPG to PDF tool helps the user convert an image to a PDF document.

PDF to JPG tool helps the user convert a PDF document to an image.

Unlock PDF: This tool helps users remove passwords or encryption in their PDF documents.

eSign PDF tool: Users use it to embed signatures in their PDF documents.

PDF to Word tool: With Smallpdf, you can create an editable document by converting a PDF document into a word document.

Number Pages Tool: The security features don’t allow users to tamper with a PDF document easily. However, with Smallpdf software, you can easily insert the number of pages into your document.

Other tools you’re likely to find in the Smallpdf platform include PPT to PDF, Excel to PDF, PDF to Excel, Edit PDF, PDF Reader, Delete PDF pages, Rotate PDF, Word to PDF, Merge PDF, Split PDF, Protect PDF, and PDF Scanner.

6. Wondershare PDFelement

PDFelement falls in the same category as the WPS Office. The software is a good editing platform for beginners and experts. It has a simple interface that supports the creation, edition, and sharing of PDF-related documents. The software comes in PC-based and web-based forms. Thus, users can choose the type of PDFelement platform they want.

The features and tools of PDFelement are strategically positioned, saving you time to locate and use them. Additionally, the software is a mighty tool for handling more than one document at a time. Therefore, if you’re comparing or editing a batch of PDF documents, PDFelement software is the best.

Some of the functions of Wondershare PDFelement include:

The software allows to creation and edit documents in PDF files. Secondly, you can use the software to protect your document via encryption tools. Finally, the software has annotating features. These features include adding signature and conversion tools.

Features of Wondershare PDFelement

The software allows users to edit their PDFs via OCR. The software has numerous editing tools, making it one of the top-editing tools for students. When using this software, you only need to upload the selected PDF file and use the in-built tools to edit the PDF file.

Secondly, the software has exclusive combining tools. Thus, you can easily combine two or more PDFs using this software.

The Wondershare PDFelement software allows students to convert PDF files to other formats. Some file formats you can create using this software include MS docs, Ms. Excel, HTML, MS PPT, and others.

7. Nitro PDF Productivity

Nitro PDF Productivity is a software with numerous applications for creating and editing PDFs. The application has PDF-related and Esign tools that can be beneficial in PDFs. The Nitro PDF features help ease the editing, improve the quality of your document, and integrate external softwares. Therefore, Nitro PDF can be a perfect substitute for other mighty PDF editors like WPS Office and Adobe Acrobat.

The software's most important features are well-positioned, providing quick access to all editing and customizing tools. Secondly, the interface is simple, and beginners can easily use it. However, the software is only available with annual subscriptions. Thus, you need to pay for the annual plan to enjoy the amazing features of Nitro. Also, the software has a free-trial plan, which allows users to learn how to use the software.

Features of Nitro PDF Productivity

Here are some of the features you’re likely to find in the Nitro PDF Productivity:

The software promotes adding passwords and encryption to your files. The application has collaborative tools that allow you to share PDF documents. Here are some of the features you’re likely to find in the Nitro PDF Productivity: The software has eSign features.

8. Lumin PDF for G suite

Google is famously known for its powerful tools, but do you know its PDF editor tool?  Lumin PDF editor is one of the tools that Google owns. It has several functions when it comes to customizing and editing documents.

The application works together with Google Driver. It draws its input documents from the drive and customizes them. Thus, you need to connect your application to your drive. The application is faster and simple to use, easing your editing task.

Features of Lumin PDF for G suite

They include:

The software has annotating features. These features help the user to sign the document in real-time digitally. Secondly, the application is synced with Google Drive. Therefore, your documents are automatically saved to your drive while working on them. The software has exclusive editing tools.

Our Verdict

There are several computer editing software and tools that are available. Your choice of software depends on the nature of the document and your audience. Sometimes, you can combine two or more software to achieve a certain goal. Also, you can use software that performs multi-purpose operations on your document, e.g., the WPS Office.