Benefits of PDF format
Best PDF Software for student
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PDF software for students needs to be affordable, reliable, and easy to use. Readers for PDF files, which have been around for more than 25 years, are essential tools for project management. It will generally be a PDF whether you're attempting to access your documents, a contract, or an ebook. However, you must install a PDF reader on your computer to see these crucial papers. Project management software is essential to the daily operations of many businesses and people.

Due to the ongoing transition to the digital world, everyone is becoming increasingly dependent on electronic documents. PDF is the industry standard for file formats. In this article, we shall look at the best PDF software for students. But first, let's look at why he PDF format is populaar.

Benefits of PDF format

1. Compatibility

A printed document's components are all preserved in an electronic image called a PDF file that you can view, navigate, print, or send to another person. Adobe Acrobat, Acrobat Capture, and comparable programs create PDF files. A PDF file can be opened and viewed on any operating system, including Macintosh, Windows, Linux, and Solaris, because the PDF format is platform-independent.

A PDF file may be opened and viewed by anyone, regardless of whether they have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on their computer, due to their universal compatibility. To create print-ready business documents, use the PDF format.

2. Privacy

Sending material containing sensitive or secret information can be done safely using PDFs. Only people with the proper permissions can access the data collected in the File if encrypted.

Password-protected PDF files ensure that only anyone with the correct password can access the File's contents. Your data is further secured as a result. Electronic signatures can be added to PDF files to confirm the document's legitimacy and the sender's legitimacy.

3. Accessibility

Regardless of the software installed on their computers, all users may open and read PDFfiles, making them accessible. This is significant because it implies that everyone using any computer or device—including smartphones and tablets—can read and access PDF files.

Due to this, they are perfect for keeping papers for later use as well as for sharing them with others. The ability to read PDFs with screen reading software is beneficial for people who are visually challenged. To reach a larger audience, PDFs can be translated into different languages.

There are lots of free epic software that can be used to create a critical chain of operations. Below is a list of the six best project management software that can improve team effectiveness in the long term.

Best PDF Software for student

1. PDFCandy

Free PDF editors with extensive capabilities are rare, despite being widely available. PDF Candy is a rare project management tool with capabilities like OCR, several file conversion choices, and top-notch scanning that you would typically expect to payfor.

PDF Candy is a web-based editor presented as a collection of individual app icons accessible from a single landing page rather than a unified interface. There are 44 tools for creating, editing, and converting PDFs. You select one, upload the File, and wait for PDF Candy to finish the job.

There are three upgrades: monthly, yearly, and lifetime. They cost $6, $49 and $99 respectively. The premium package gives you access to PDF Candy Desktop.

What we like most:

OCR features Vast features for file creation and conversionOutsatnding PDF layout tools

Using Tips:

Upload a file first before you can begin editing. Data from Dropbox and Google Drive can also be uploaded. The PDFS are kept in the cloud in this manner, saving space on your computer's hard disk.The PDF editing options menu will be available to you as soon as a document is uploaded. On the right, select the letter T. The Text tool will appear when the cursor is over it.You can access fundamental features like text replacement and alter font size, color, and writing style (bold, italic). To edit PDF text, click anywhere in the document. Like in any other text editor, you can enter or edit new text.You must save the document after checking and editing the PDF text.


WPS Office is a project management software that enables experts, organizations, and corporations to manage their office tasks successfully. It is a branch of Kingsoft Corporation limited and is frequently used as a Microsoft Office substitute. It is a cross-platform software package that includes small and effective programs that work on Android and iOS mobile devices, as well as Windows and Linux desktop computers.

WPS Office is arguably one of the best, project management tools.

The application can improve team effectiveness for users by handling their word processing requirements, including making spreadsheets, turning PDF files into editable formats, and recovering mistakenly deleted data. There are various editions available, including a free one that gives users access to the most fundamental tools.

What we like most:

The vector graphic, a type of graph that can be scaled up or down without losing clarity, offers clear benefits in the workplace, particularly for engineering designs. In WPS Office, vector graphics are frequently stored in PDF format.WPS PDF does not change the format.

     In most cases, we will convert the document to PDF format before printing it. Why?

Since PDF files can guarantee that the format won't change. When sending our Word files again, it occasionally happens that the sender and the recipient use different programs or versions to access the File, in which case the recipient can get a file with a lot of messy code.

High Compatibility

Compatibility is another benefit of using PDF with WPS. When an editable document is accessed on a different computer or software, we occasionally notice that the typography will alter. However, a PDF's formatting remains the same regardless of how you open it.

Using Tips:

Launch the PDF document you wish to modify.In the main toolbar, select the Edit button. This button may appear differently depending on the version of WPS you are using. It has the appearance of a pencil icon in some versions.Make the desired modifications to the PDF file. Text, pictures, and pages can all be added to or stripped from the document.By selecting File> Save from the main menu bar, you can save the changes you've made to the PDF file. However, you can save the File by using Ctrl+S on your keyboard.

To get more value for individuals and teams, you can subscribe to a premium package of $18.99 for six months or a $29.99 annual plan.

3. PDFescape

Numerous annotation tools are available in PDFescape. Utilizing the software, you may fill out forms, design form fields, insert text and web links, highlight text, add sticky notes, redact or strikeout text, crop and rotate photos, add or remove pages, lock and encrypt PDF documents, and even add or remove pages.

However, there are very few font choices available. One of the five fonts that PDFescape offers is a generic signature font with nothing to do with your signature. But aside from that, PDFescape has many more tools than the standard free PDF editors.

What we like most:

The use of web-based annotation tools is simple.The page limit has been raised to 100.The exceptional feature set for a free app.


Developer: Red SoftwareCompatibility: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, SafariUpgrade from the free version: $36 (premium), $72 (ultimate) per year

Using Tips:

Start on your Windows PC by launching the program's desktop version. Navigate to the left and select the Edit option from the welcome screen. You will go to the tool's editing mode.Double-click on a blank area on your page to make a blue text box appear. Alternatively, you can utilize the Type Text button on the Edit toolbar. Click within the text box when it appears to begin typing, just like you would in a standard Word editor.When you are finished, click somewhere else other than the text box to apply your changes. Double-click the text once again to carry on editing.To move the text box anywhere in the document, hold the left mouse button anywhere along the black lines. For formatting, choose the Grid tool from the left panel. Slowly reposition the text box while keeping an eye on the red lines to ensure proper alignment. When you are satisfied with the positioning, let go of the pointer.To delete a specific text box, remove or backspace its contents. When you're finished, tap any of the keys mentioned above once again to see the text box disappear.

4. FormSwift

FormSwift provides a significantly different approach to PDF editing. It includes a vast collection of legal and other business forms you can fill out online and download as a PDF or Word document, in addition to the possibility to upload and edit PDF files.

The PDF editing tools in FormSwift are scarce. There are four different fonts available, but you may adjust the size of each one as well as the colours and styles of the text. A new text field can be added to your document; fill it with new content, edit the text, and then move it around the paper as you see fit.

Using Tip:

In FormSwift, PDF editing is a simple process. Drag a file to your browser (the maximum file size is 10MB), then use FormSwift's tools to add new text and images, highlight, redact, or erase existing text, and sign documents.

What we like most:

The FormSwift application is easy to use and takes a straightforward approach to allow users to generate and sign their documents. Users can start a document creation process by selecting one of more than 500 templates from a library.Users can create and sign personal legal forms using FormSwift. The software may produce several legal documents, including the power of attorney, affidavits, bills of sale, tax, and real estate forms.

5. Smallpdf

Smallpdf, despite its simplicity, allows users to add pages to or compress existing PDF files. There are also options for adding signatures to documents comparable to those found in the Mac version of Apple's Preview application. No file size restrictions apply to any of this, but Smallpdf only allows you to process two documents daily. If you wish to accomplish more, you'll need to upgrade to the Pro plan, which includes Smallpdf desktop programs and limitless processing.

Using Tip:

You start using Smallpdf by dragging the File you wish to work with directly into your browser window as you do with all other online PDF editors. You can edit PDFs using four methods: Add Text, Add Image, Add Shape, and Draw. As you can see, there are no choices for adding notes or comments, and there is no way to highlight already-written material. However, you should seek to annotate or mark up a PDF file elsewhere.

What we like most:

Smallpdf is entirely freeSmallpdf can load and save PDFs from a variety of sources.

6. LibreOffice Draw

A PDF editor comes with LibreOffice, a popular office suite that is free, open-source, and used by millions worldwide. LibreOffice Draw provides free PDF file editing, creation, and saving capabilities. The good news is that LibreOffice works on Windows and Linux, so you don't need to acquire an expensive PDF editor.

Using Tips

Open the PDF file you wish to edit in LibreOffice Draw by selecting it from the file menu.Click on the portion you wish to change once the File is open. A rectangular box for editing the texts would be visible. Text and photos are now editable.It is impossible to alter a PDF file if it is not editable, meaning the full PDF page is opened as a single image file. This is due to the read-only property used when your File was created. In that instance, you can redact the sections by drawing white rectangles or other forms with the background color. Then include new text or picture boxes.After editing is complete, save the File by selecting File> Export > Export as PDF from the menu.

What we like most:

This tool is designed to create and manipulate objects, so you may as quickly change non-text elements like images, headings, colors, etc., when editing PDFs.

Bottom Line

In the history of project management software, you do not get an app better than WPS Office. It is free and available in all versions, including macOS, Linux, Android, and Windows. Learning Institutions recommend using WPS Office to cover their syllabus because of its compatibility and ease of use. To get a free version of WPS Office, use this link. However, you can opt for the premium package for extensive features.