1. Microsoft Excel
2. WPS Spreadsheets
3. Google Workspace
4. Quip
5. Apple Numbers
6. Zoho Sheet
7. Minitab Statistical Software
8. LibreOffice
9. OfficeSuite
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You need to understand and investigate the best spreadsheet software for your dataset. Spreadsheets are data representations where the datasets are stored in cells in rows and columns. The mode of data representation is crucial in analyzing the dataset and generating relationships. Due to the rise in the use of spreadsheets, numerous softwares have been developed.

Some traditional softwares like WPS and MS Excel are still in the market due to their flexibility and well-packed tools. Newer spreadsheet softwares are playing magic with their advanced and expanded library of tools. We’ve compiled some of the best spreadsheet software.

1. Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel, famously known as MS Excel, is a commonly used spreadsheet software. It is available for Windows, Android, Android, and iOS, giving users a wide range of opportunities where to use the software. The software has a simple and interactive interface that allows professionals and beginners to use the software comfortably. The software has a simple and interactive interface that allows professionals and beginners to use the software comfortably. The software has a simple and interactive interface that allows professionals and beginners to use the software comfortably. The software has a simple and interactive interface that allows professionals and beginners to use the software comfortably. The software has a simple and interactive interface that allows professionals and beginners to use the software comfortably. The software has a simple and interactive interface that allows professionals and beginners to use the software comfortably.

Excel has divergent functions essential for creating and editing spreadsheets. The software has a grid of cells where the users can add and customize their dataset. The analyzed dataset answers mathematical questions. Once you’ve entered your data in empty cells, you can use the inbuilt features to customize and visualize your data.

When can you use MS Excel?

There are many occurrences and situations which call for MS Excel. Below are some:

You can use the software when carrying out data management. The software is useful in financial modeling. It is essential when dealing with financial and accounting records. When you need to visualize your dataset, MS Excel is the best software. When working with mathematical figures, MS Excel has several mathematical inbuilt tools. MS Excel is useful in generating analysis reports.

Features of MS Excel

Here are some of the features of MS Excel:

The Home features. It is the central part of Excel, allowing users to customize their documents' fonts and formatting.

Analysis features: The formula features contain exclusive formulas essential in performing complex calculations for analysis.

Sharing and collaborative tools: The software has sharing options that allow users to share the analysis reports.

Add-in features: The software helps users to outsource features that can aid your analysis operations.

2. WPS Spreadsheets

WPS Spreadsheet is a WPS Office software that is similar to MS Excel. The software has a grid of cells where the user inputs the datasets in rows and columns. The software is free to download and use. However, you’ll have to pay a monthly subscription if you need to use premium tools and templates. Unlike other spreadsheet softwares, most editing and customization tools are free in WPS.

The Software recognizes both professional users and beginners. The software supports all spreadsheet file formats, XLS, CSV, and XLSX. Thus, you can create, edit, and customize any spreadsheet file.

Reasons why you should choose WPS Spreadsheets:

The WPS Spreadsheet software offers encryption tools to users. The software is easy and free to use. The software’s tools are strategically positioned.

Features of WPS Spreadsheet

They include:

Pre-made Templates: While using WPS, you do not have to create a spreadsheet from scratch. The software has a library of already pre-made templates.

Multi-tab Feature: WPS multi-tab feature allows users to work on more than one spreadsheet at a time.

Autio Filter: Unlike traditional softwares, the WPS spreadsheet has the auto Filter feature, which removes duplicate values in the column or row.

Smart Splitting feature: This tool splits your spreadsheet's columns.

3. Google Workspace

If you are a fan of cloud-based tools, then you know Google Workspace. Google Workspace is a general term used to refer to a collection of online tools that Google owns. The platform has several essential tools for manipulating your document and preparing documents. Some tools you can find in Google Workspace include Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Currents, Google Chats, Google Calendar, Google Keep, Google Slides, Gmail, and Google Forms.

This topic will discuss Google Sheets, a common software for creating spreadsheets on the cloud. Google sheet is an online software that works similarly to MS Excel. It has square-like cells that run in rows and columns where the user inputs the datasets. Unlike other PC-based softwares, the softwares run on the web, and your data is stored on Google Drive. Like other spreadsheet software, Google sheets has spreadsheet editing and creating tools that allow users to prepare the document before sharing it on other platforms. After editing the document, it is automatically saved in your Drive; thus, you don’t have to worry about losing your file.

Features of Google Sheets

They include

Pre-made Templates: This eases your work in Google Sheets. The software has pre-made templates, which you can edit and add your information.

Integration with other tools: Google Sheets has an extension tool that allows the software to collaborate with other external software. This tool improves the quality of services offered by Google Workspace in improving your presentation.

Share: Lastly, the software promotes real-time collaboration. The software has share features linked to the user’s email and allows them to share the document with other individuals regardless of time or location.

4. Quip

Quip is a cloud-based software that provides Spreadsheet and word-processing tools, which encompasses sales processes with built-in collaboration, live Salesforce data, and embedded documents. Additionally, all the changes in the software are automatically updated.

The Quip Spreadsheet allows users to add comments and edit documents in real time when used for collaboration. Its collaborative tools allow teams to communicate easily via the network, improving the productivity of the spreadsheet.

Benefits of using Quip Spreadsheets

The Software has the following benefits:

It promotes collaborative editing. Changes are reflected instantly. Ease the process of viewing information. It promotes organized file structure. It has pre-made templates. It collaborates with other applications, such as Dropbox paper and Lucidchart.

Features of Quip

Some of the features you're likely to interact with in Quip are:

Third-Party integrations: The Software collaborates with other third-party apps and Software. Thus, you can easily get data from other parties and use it inside the Quip.

Mobile Integration: The Software has a mobile application where you can create, customize, and document. The greatest benefit of the Quip mobile app is that you can work even when you're offline.

Two-way data sync: The Software allows bi-directional flows on data, the Quip documents, and the data sources.

Real-time customizations: The Software has a centralized workspace where users can edit, comment, and share the document in real-time.

5. Apple Numbers

Apple Numbers is a Mac spreadsheet that allows Apple users to work with datasets. The software comes with Mac OS. Thus, it is common among many Mac users. It is free software with most features and tools within the application; you do not have to outsource tools. The software allows users to edit, create and customize number-based datasets easily. Also, the software does not restrict where the data tables should be placed in your document.

The Numbers has a simple and interactive interface like MS Excel and WPS Spreadsheet. The simplicity of its interface allows new users to cope easily with the working environment and locate the tools. Secondly, the software has pre-made templates, which users can modify and re-create other spreadsheet files. The templates save time and effort for the Mac user and offer a chance to choose the best template from a huge collection of spreadsheet templates.

Features of Apple Numbers

Here are some of the features you’re likely to find in the Apple Numbers  software:

Dark Mode feature: If you’re uncomfortable with bright colors, Apple Numbers is a perfect solution for you with the Dark Mode feature. This feature gives the Apple Numbers a dark look.

iCloud Drive: The software has cloud-based storage that allows users to store and share spreadsheet folders through the web.

Web videos: The software allows Apple users to draw videos from external sources like YouTube and add them to their spreadsheets.

Other features include offline collaborations, math equations, Smart categories features, etc.

6.  Zoho Sheet

Zoho Sheet is a cloud-based spreadsheet-creating and editing tool found in Zoho Docs. The Zoho Sheets allows users to create sheets on the web anytime and easily share them with other team members. The software has essential tools for managing your spreadsheets and documents from one place.

Data cleaning is a common task in all spreadsheet documents. The Zoho Sheets has automated data cleaning and processing tools that can help users remove inconsistencies. Therefore, Zoho Sheet covers you if you’re looking for a powerful spreadsheet tool.

What are the benefits of using Zoho Sheets in preparing your presentations?

When you are after the productivity spreadsheets, go for Zoho Sheets. When you need to share files online, online collaboration. To manage your documents. To store your documents on the cloud.

Features of Zoho Docs

Some of the features you're likely to interact with in Zoho Sheets include:

Folder Upload: This feature allows users to upload document folders into the Software.

File and Folder sharing: It allows online collaboration.

Desktop Sync: The Software allows users to connect the desktop to the site.

Other features include the Emails notifications, Dropbox integrations, Task Management tools, Report Generators, etc.

7. Minitab Statistical Software

Minitab statistical Software is an analytical software with spreadsheets where the user inputs the datasets. The software has a wide variety of analytical tools that can be used to create, calculate, analyze and generate your analysis reports.

The software is powerful in computing analytical calculations and statistical computations. Some of the descriptive operations you can perform using this software includes the mean, Median, standard deviation, etc. The software can handle large datasets and compute them quickly. Additionally, the software has exclusive visualization options that make data mining easy. Data analysts use visualization tools to create graphs and other visual components essential in data digging.

Features of Minitab statistical Software

They include:

Basic Statistics: The software has statistics tools for computing basic statistics calculations.

Graphical Tool: The software hosts several tools that can be beneficial in your analysis

Process Control features: Minitab has statistical process control tools and features which control the quality of the analysis output.

8. LibreOffice

LibreOffice is an open-source Office productivity software containing different document editing softwares and tools. It contains these applications Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Math, and Base. In this topic, we’re going to discuss the Calc software.

Calc Software is an application that deals with spreadsheet files. It is similar to MS Excel, with only a few unique features. The unique features of Calc make it a better spreadsheet tool than Excel and other traditional software. The software has a collection of tools that defines the nature and series of graphs depending on your dataset. Therefore, Calc can be a perfect alternative to MS Excel.

Features of Calc Software

They include:

1. In-built functions: The software has several built-in functions and formulas that help compute your dataset.

2. Database: Calc has database functions that help store and filter datasets

3. Dynamic Charts: With the Calc Software, users can easily generate 2D and 3D charts.

9. OfficeSuite

OfficeSuite is the online version of Microsoft software. Unlike application-based software, OfficeSuite is a subscription-based software. The software has different editors:

Documents: This software is used for editing word-based softwares.

Sheets: Used for creating and editing spreadsheets online.

Slides: This software is used for creating interactive presentations using online tools.

Mail: It is a feature that allows users to share OfficeSuites files with other platforms.

PDF: This feature allows users to create, convert and edit PDF files in real time.

The Sheets software has more than 25o in0-built functions that you can use to manipulate your data. Therefore, when dealing with spreadsheets, you can choose the option of the OfficeSuite sheet. Additionally, the software allows collaboration with other team members, making the work easier.

Features of Sheets found In OfficeSuite

They include:

Pre-made templates Beautiful In-builts charts Collaborative tools like the Mail.

Our Verdict

In conclusion, there are several softwares that users can use to work with spreadsheets. The choice of software varies depending on your dataset's nature and the operation you need to perform on your dataset. Some software is web-based, whereas others are mobile or PC based. However, some softwares like WPS can be compatible with mobile and PCs.