How to get the best word editing software for you
Best word editing software
Final Thoughts

We edit word documents on a number of occasions. In other words, editing word document has now become essential in institutions, offices, businesses, and more other places. You can edit almost every document using word editing software. However, we have some word editing software that will require you to pay in order to access some features. The good news is that some word editing software will allow you to access a number of important features for free.

If you are looking for the best word editing software, you are at the right place. We are going to explore some of the best word editing software. You will be able to work with some online as others while you’ll have to download others directly into your computer. In this article, I’ll help you decide on which word editing is great for you. Before I take you through my list, you can check how to know if word editing software is best for you.

How to get the best word editing software for you

If you are looking for the best word editing software. You can check on the points below to help you in decision-making. Here are the things to check when finding the best word editing software for you.

Sync across operating systems

This is another thing that makes word editing software to be one of the best. Your word editing software should be able to sync in several operating systems. If you pick a word editing software that can’t sync in a number of devices. It will be a big disadvantage since you might be forced to change all your workplace. It is not easy to change your entire workplace in the name of taking the ones that will sync with a wo editing software. You can change your word editing software instead by taking the one that will sync with your operating system.

Supports multiple formats

If your word editing software sync in a number of operating systems. You can also check if it supports multiple formats and give maximum performance. You might be lucky to find a word processor that offers presentations and spreadsheets. We have not ruled out your average doc functionality.

Collaboration and functionality

It doesn’t matter if you are a business owner, a student, or you want to share an employment contract. You may simply be looking forward to collaborating with others. Therefore, you’ll need a word processor that requires some collaboration functionality. Luckily, In this list we’ve considered word processors that contain this feature. This is great news for you and you can consider our recommendations.

Best word editing software

We are going to know some of the best word editing software below. The software below is made it into our list due to the great features, support, and more they’ll offer you. Without further ado, here is the best word editing software.

1. WPS office

This is another wonderful word editing software you can use for free. WPS really deserves to be on top of this list due to its compatibility with many devices and its also ease to use. This software has been existing for quite a long time. Today, it has over a billion downloads.

You can compose, edit as well as share your documents easily. With WPS, you can also get a free backup for your content. what you’ll need to do is to create a free WPS cloud account where you’ll be able to save your documents online.


Compatible with Linux, iOS 12+, Android 6+, macOS 10.10+, Microsoft Windows 10+, and others. Cloud account of 1 GB Converting, editing, and printing PDF Compatible with iOS and Android Online composing You can use the WPS password protection feature to secure sensitive files. Repair and recover corrupt files.

The above are the features of WPS office. Moreover, this software supports a number of unique features that will not require you to pay anything. The price of the WPS office is free of charge.

2. Offidoc

This word editing software is fantastic if you are looking for something that will do what Microsoft word can. Officedoc will play some important roles, including creating a word addition to that, you’ll be able to create doc file formats. Any free word document will also be opened and then edit. This word editing software has a number of free features.

Features of Offidoc

It has different styles you can use in your document, including Font size, font color, and background color. You can delete or insert multiple objects like images, or tables. You can export documents in form of pdf

3. Wordtune

This is another amazing word editing software. This software uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to help educational institutions, professional rewrite, businesses, and non-profitable organizations. You can use wordtune to organize as well as rephrase text in a number of platforms. The platforms include Microsoft Outlook, Google docs, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, stack, and more others. Wordtune can also translate text into different languages.

It can translate text in Arabic, Spanish, Korean, Hindi, Russian, Hebrew, and other languages into English. Moreover, you can also expand text, or shorten text length to what you wish. You can get word tune for free but you can opt for a monthly, or annual subscriptions to access more features. The free version of Wordtune will give you 10 chances of free rewrites daily. This will allow you to rephrase your sentences though it’s somewhat limiting. The premium plan is where you’ll be required to pay 9.99 USD every month, or 119.88 USD annually. Will offer you the following features.

Features of a premium plan of Wordtune

The rewrite feature has unlimited access. The formal and casual tone features are unlimited. The expand and shorten feature is unlimited. Has the feature of paragraph rewrite. Offers premium support The Wordtune company has larger terms plans and you can contact them for more details. You can check the general features offered by wordtune.

General Features

Rewrite Shorten and expand Translate Smart synonyms Correction and recommendations Wordtune for Microsoft word Wordtune chrome extension Casual and formal tones

4. LibreOffice

LibreOffice is a popular word editing software that you can use in a variety of firms. It supports government entities, corporations, schools, and other places across the globe.  It can be usbe used number of situations like word processing, editing, database, spreadsheet, and other libreofLibreOfficeblishing tools, and word processing which are easy to use. Moreover, LibreOffice allows you to customize your Fonts and styles. This will allow you to be unique in your piece of content.

With lLibreOfficeyou’ll also forget spelling mistakes since it has an autocorrect dictionary which will help you in checking some spelling mistakes. With such a feature, your work will be easy in documents like minutes, agendas, letters, mail merge, and more. This software also has a desktop database that offers native support for multi-user database engines. They comprise of, MariaDB/MySQL, Adabas D, PostgreSQL, and MS access. If you aren’t familiar with the database, you will be provided with wizards who normally help new users.

They help new users with forms, reports, queries, and creating tables. Additionally, LibreOffice allows you to collaborate with other users through editing and sharing documents. You can use LibreOffice in different operating systems since it syncs with a variety. The operating systems that sync with LibreOffice include, MacOS, Windows, MmacOSX, Android Linux, GNU, and more. You can get LibreOffice for free as you access a variety of other features without paying a single cent.

Why LibreOffice

It has no ads It supports plugins It is compatible with a number of devices, for example, MS windows 7+, freeBSB, Marcos 10.10+, NetBSB, AmigaOS, Solaris, and Haiku. It has comprehensive functionality Full desktop database Has autocomplete when typing.

5. Google Docs

This is a word editing software that is free of charge and available in the market. This free word editing software has a number of powerful features for its users. You might find it the best solution for your work without paying for the services.

In Google Docs, you’ll be able to collaborate with a variety of people. You will be able to share, suggest, and comment in real-time. Google document has gone the extra mile to make collaboration easier. It allows its users to collaborate in a variety of file types like word, and PDF. You will be allowed to import PDF documents that you’ll collaborate with. Moreover, with your desktop, tablet, or even mobile phone.

You will benefit from a feature called smart Compose which helps you to write fast with minimal errors. You will be able to save a lot of time with grammar as well as spelling features. In addition to those, we have quick document translation and voice typing. You will also be allowed to access other third-party apps to allow you to customize your word processor.

Your documents will always be saved by Google docs in the cloud. Therefore, you can easily get them and edit them in the version history. It is not necessarily that you have the internet to work on your documents. You will also be able to work offline which is a requirement for a number of individuals. With Google docs having a long-term experiment in the Industry, you can be sure your documents are secured. The platform has put some security measures to ensure safety. The security measures include malware protection and also protecting your data.

Features of Google Docs

Has voice typing You can connect to other Google apps You can work offline You can edit and share via Google drive. 15 GB storage for free You can convert word documents into Google docs. Has free templates. You can add images and quotes with Google search.

6. FreeOffice TextMaker

This word editing software is wonderful and good-looking. With this software, you will be able to access a number of templates. Though the selection is not much extensive as some of its rivals. However, you can make a new design to use in the future as you save them in TMV format.

This software has a number of wonderful features, they include the ability to make database, manage footnotes, and bibliography. Despite all those wonderful features, freeOffice has one weakness. You won’t be able to save your work in form of DOCX. However, you may open your file and then edit it easily. This feature is only available in the premium version of SoftMaker office.


Has password protection Can export docs in EPUB format. Can print multiple pages on every sheet.

7. FocusWriter

FocusWriter is a fantastic word editing software full of wonderful tools to use. Just like the name suggests, FocusWriter will help you focus on your task by blocking all forms of destruction. When using FocusWriter, everything in the background will fade except the current paragraph and sentence. However, we recommend this software to be great for editing but not that good for productivity.


It blocks destructions Has auto-save function Has alarms and timers

8. Apache Open Office

This is also wonderful word editing software. Apache Open Office has a simple-to-use interface. The Apache Open Office has 6 applications inside, they include calc(spreadsheet), writer (word processor), Impress s(presentation), base (database manipulation), and draw ( diagrams and illustrations).

You can use those applications with ease since they are just easy to understand. This software is maintained by a large community, therefore bug fixes, and help are available for free. This software is compatible with macOS, Linux, windows XP, windows 10, and more.

Features of Apache

Has a security feature to secure documents Custom properties handling The spreadsheet has over a million rows Embed drawing objects to charts

Final Thoughts

Those are the best word editing software you can consider. If you need more advanced word editing software consider choosing WPS. It comes with high-quality features and it's free to use. You can sign up for the online version to collaborate on the same document in real-time with colleagues. Alternatively, you can download WPS free of charge for all major operating systems.