Complete Guide: How to Digitally Sign a PDF Easily and Securely

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Why must you sign a PDF document? The world is growing fast, and more and more people are using PDFs now. It is essential to know how to sign a PDF document for free. Many professionals send and receive professional documents, such as contracts, forms, and other documents which need to be signed. It is better and easier to electronically sign a PDF than printing, signing, scanning, and then sending it back.

Further, an esign will protect the content of the PDF and highlight the person who approved the document. Numerous softwares enables users to fill and sign PDFs instantly. The article will highlight them and list steps and tips you can follow to learn to sign pdf files.

4 Ways - How to Sign a PDF Document Free

You can easily e-sign a PDF document free using various software. Below are some of the best softwares with steps to add a signature to your PDF document free.

1. WPS Office

With WPS Office, you can create a digital signature and the same to your PDF document for free. Besides esign, WPS Office enables users to edit, create, annotate, and do more on its software. Why should you use WPS Office for a free-to-sign PDF document? The software is free to use, promotes creativity, and boosts productivity. You can add e-sign instantly, protect your PDF content, and more. It has the second-largest market share after Microsoft, is compatible with Windows, MacOS, and Linux, and offers the best PDF functions, tools, and templates. Some of the benefits of WPS Office are listed below.

WPS Office: All-in-one PDF Toolkits, Free & No Ads.

Pros for a free sign PDF document:

  • Free to use

  • Easy to install, set up, and use

  • Compatible with Windows, MacOS, Linus, IOS, and Android.

  • Promotes creativity and productivity

  • Safe and secure for signing

  • Helps you create a signature easily

  • Enables users to sign a PDF electronically

  • Can get free trial for advanced pdf sign features

  • WPS Office offers all PDF functions and templates for free

  • Second largest market share holder after Microsoft.

How to sign a PDF document with WPS Office PDF Signer?

Here are the steps to fill and sign your PDF documents for free on WPS Office PDF.

Step 1: Download and install the WPS Office software and run it.

Step 2: Open the WPS Office software on your PC, and sign in or create an account if you don’t have one.

Step 3: Click on the PDF icon. A separate window will open. After clicking the PDF icon and landing on a PDF tab, decide whether you want to open a PDF file, create a PDF from the file, or create a blank PDF.

Step 4: Choose an option. If you want to sign a PDF document that’s already on your PC, choose the “Open PDF” option. Choose the “Create PDF from the file” option if you want to convert a file to PDF. Choose the “Create blank PDF” option if you want to create a new PDF file and work on that.

Step 5: If you choose to open a PDF file, it’ll open a mini window enabling you to locate and choose the PDF you want to open. You can select from recent, WPS Cloud, Computer, Desktop, or Documents. After opening a PDF file successfully, click the home icon in the menu on top of the screen.

Step 6: Click on the sign icon and create a sign to begin. Add input, an image of signature, or a draw. You can easily add a signature and sign the PDF form.

Step 7: Click okay when you are finished adding your esign. Drag and position your signature. Choose to apply, delete or add a signature to multiple pages, and you are done.

2. Adobe Acrobat

With Adobe Acrobat, you can easily sign PDF documents and protect your file content. The software is known best for its safety and security; moreover, it has a user-friendly interface that boosts productivity. Below are points you can follow to fill and sign the PDF document free on Adobe Acrobat.

Steps for signing a pdf document :

  • Open and select a PDF file you want to fill and sign in.

  • Sign the PDF document using the signature tool. Create a signature and add it to the file.

  • Use signature tools to finish signing the document.

  • Download the signed PDF document.

3. Signaturely

With signature, you can sign your PDF documents easily. It enables users to add digital signatures simply and easily. It’s free, offers a tracking option, has a simple user interface, and is secure. However, the software offers limited requests for signatures. You can follow the online instructions to try to sign online.

4. EasePDF

With EasePDF, you can electronically sign a PDF instantly. Moreover, the software offers free conversion of PDFs. The software deletes your files in 24 hours to protect your privacy and offers to execute 2 free daily tasks. It’s a good software to sign PDF documents for free; however, it has limited features and allows only two tasks a day with a 50-page limit per file. It has a simple user interface and is only good for people who don't sign PDFs regularly.

5 Tips - How to Sign a PDF Document

It’s essential to know how to sign a PDF document as PDFs are used daily; signatures secure your file content and make people aware of the signer. Here are some tips on how to sign a PDF document.

Tip 1: Choose a reliable PDF signing tool

A reliable PDF signing tool will have advanced features, offer a free trial for the premium version, and more; hence, choose a reliable PDF signing tool.

Tip 2: Understand the different types of signatures

There are different types of electronic signatures, i.e., electronic and written. Choose a PDF signing tool that allows you to sign PDF documents with your preferred type of signature.

Tip 3: Follow the best practices for creating a signature

Follow the steps and use the signature tool properly for creating a signature. You can choose the signature tool in the menu and create one. Practice again and again to create the best signature and add it to your PDF document.

Tip 4: Verify the signature

You need to visit the settings of the PDF tool and, under the signature option, click on the “verify signatures when the document is opened” option. It’ll automatically verify it.

Tip 5: Keep a record of the signed files

After successfully creating a signature, don’t forget to keep a record of the signed files. You can electronically sign a PDF and send it back; however, recording and saving the signed files in your PC is important, as you might need them later.

Top FAQs of signing a PDF document

How do I Sign a PDF document in Word?

You can sign your PDF document in Word by converting your PDF document to Word doc. You can easily convert your PDF to Word using the WPS Office PDF convert and sign your PDF document on Word.

How do I sign a PDF without Adobe?

You can use other PDF signing tools to sign your PDFs. There are numerous PDF signing tools that you can use to sign your files easily. One of them is WPS Office which is easy to use and offers free advanced tools and features.

How to digitally sign a pdf with adobe reader?

You can digitally sign a PDF with Adobe Reader by downloading the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, opening a PDF document, and clicking the fill and sign button. You must create and add a signature and digitally sign your PDF document with Adobe Reader.

How do I Sign a PDF handwritten signature?

Using your mousepad, you can sign a PDF with a handwritten signature on a PC. You can use your mousepad, drag to create a signature, and sign your PDF document instantly. However, you must choose a PDF signing tool that allows handwritten signatures, such as WPS Office and Adobe Acrobat.


Signing a PDF document is essential nowadays as it secures your file’s content, makes it look professional and ensures smooth workflow. Open a PDF doc, and click the fill & sign or signature button to create and add a signature. You can keep a record of signed PDF documents, as you might need them later. Choosing a reliable and exceptional free PDF signer, such as WPS Office, is important.

WPS Office is free software that allows users to sign in and do more on PDFs. Moreover, the WPS PDF PDF converter enables users to convert their PDFs to different formats. When are you getting yours? Download WPS Office now!

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