Compress PDF Mac Easily Using WPS Office Tools

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There are cases wherein one may want to free up some space on one’s Mac. There are several ways to accomplish this. One is to delete trash and duplicate files. Alternatively, one may want to delete software installs. Another prime option at one’s disposal is to make PDF documents smaller by compressing their file size. This not just frees some space but makes the documents more sharable.

Compressing PDF files is utilitarian in several scenarios. This delivers ease of work such as loading a VISA application on an agency’s website. Lengthy PDFs can be shared with teammates. WPS Office tools keep the PDF compression work accurate and fast. This does away with the need for solutions such as storing lengthy PDFs on cloud storage or an external hard drive.

Let us discuss the best PDF compression tools available in this article.

1. WPS Office Tools

When using WPS Office tools for compressing your PDF, you can be assured that the quality parameters of the PDF files will not be compromised. This is one of the key factors that make WPS Office tools preferable for a host of consumers, who use these tools frequently by downloading them. This will deliver the essence of day-to-day office work for people from different professions.

Based on a user’s requirement, WPS Office tools can be used online as well, but, the procedure for compression is nearly the same in both cases. After compression, the size of the PDF file that you compress may be as low as 25 KB. By using WPS Office tools, all work associated with PDF is easy to accomplish.

To compress a PDF file, WPS Office tools are leveraged in the following way.

a. Open WPS Office.

b. Choose PDF compressor from PDF Tools.

c. Select Tools and then Compress from the menu options towards the top.

d. A new window will now open for a user to select the location to save and the quality of the file. It takes merely a couple of seconds for the compression to be through.

e. A user can download and use the file after compressing it.

2. Use Preview on Mac to Do PDF Compression

When you need to compress a PDF file, you can do it from over Mac itself! This is done by using Preview, which is a dedicated app, and Mac’s PDF reader.

On your Mac, Preview comes preinstalled. People prefer to use Mac even though its versatility is limited. But, the ease of use of preview inspires more and more people to use it. You can comfortably use Preview offline based on your requirements. The following steps demonstrate how to use Preview on Mac.

a. On your PDF file, do a right-click.

b. Select Open followed by Preview.

c. Upon opening the file, navigate to the toolbar’s top.

d. Now, select Export from the File.

e. A popup window will now appear in the middle part of the PDF.

f. Select the option Reduce File Size from the drop-down menu. This would be adjacent to the Quartz filer.

g. Save the file

If you intend to figure out the size of your file, then select get info after right-clicking on the file.

3. Adobe Acrobat Pro (to Compress Multiple PDFs)

Any PDF compressor tool will suffice when we intend to compress a single page PDF file. But, when the need arises to compress multiple PDF files, all at once; Adobe Acrobat Pro is the tool that you’d want to use. Let us look at the steps to be undertaken for the same.

a. Click on the Select a file button towards the top.

b. Choose the PDF file that you intend to make smaller.

c. When you upload the file, Acrobat reduces the PDF size automatically.

d. You can download the compressed PDF file now.

e. If you intend to share the file, then you need to download it.

The above is the online steps to compress a PDF file. But the same functionality can be availed offline as well by downloading the Adobe Acrobat tools.

4. Using PDFelement

PDFelement is a robust and all-in-one program for viewing, editing, marking up, converting, producing, printing, and sharing PDF files. Let us consider how we will use PDFelement to compress PDF files.

a. For Mac, launch PDFelement.

b. Go to the Home window.

c. Click on Open File.

d. Choose the file to be uploaded and upload the same.

e. To save the file click on File and select Save as other.

f. Click on the block that says Optimized PDF. Now the different compression options will present themselves.

g. Here, PDFelement asks the user how detailed the compression has to be. The three options available are high, low, and medium. Choose from among the three options and click on Save As.

PDFelement is a versatile tool for the all-around processing of your PDF document. A user can change the format in the ways required. The actions that can be performed include removing annotations, setting passwords, signing documents with digital signatures, inserting watermarks, adding headers and footers, adding bookmarks, and connecting to documents. So, new PDFs can be easily created professionally and easily. PDFs can be rewritten as well, by converting them to other formats like Word and Excel.

With the availability of optimization tools to process multiple files instantly, it becomes possible to compress large PDFs.

Compress PDF Mac Using WPS Office Tools

A range of options is available if one intends to compress PDFs. Similarly, one can also use the Preview app for the purpose, which is inbuilt into Mac. The online tool offered by Adobe is also useful for this purpose.

A user benefits from compressed PDFs several times, such as giving business presentations. Using WPS Office tools upkeeps the quality of PDF files following compression, making them a preferable alternative for the purpose.

Benefit from the 7–day free trial currently Live on WPS Office Tools. If you download WPS Office Tools, you can use them offline as well.

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