Details and Prices of Microsoft Office Free Trial

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Microsoft Office includes some of the most useful apps for your PC or mobile device. Imagine using a laptop without Microsoft Word or creating a spreadsheet without Microsoft Excel. A Microsoft account and subscription provide you with ongoing access to these applications and many others. Do you want to receive Office 365 for free?

I have wonderful news for you. There are a few alternatives to consider for availing the features of Microsoft office. Starting with the Microsoft Office trial free. Microsoft Office free trial provides users with a one-month free trial period when they sign up for the Family Plan or certain business plans. This provides you free access to all of the newest updates, office apps, and features.

Microsoft Office Free Trial Features

Microsoft Office is a productivity software package that includes classic applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, as well as newer products such as Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint. Microsoft Office subscription access across devices and family members normally costs between $70 and $100 per year. You may access these services and applications for one month free as a trial period by subscribing to any of the plans, whether family or business. Microsoft will then charge you for utilizing its services.


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How to Install Microsoft Office Free Trial

To install Microsoft Office, you need a Microsoft account to download it first. You can create a new microsoft account by visiting the account page. If you have already accessed Office 365 in the past then it will show a message that this offer is for new customers only.

1-After creating a microsoft account, visit the try “microsoft 365 for free” page. If you are using the Microsoft website for the first time through this email address then it will ask some questions.


2-Press “Next”.

3-Select a payment method and provide the details. Microsoft is collecting this information because it will charge you the amount for the plan you subscribed to, when the one month free trial ends. You can cancel your subscription just before the trial ends to prevent this. This blog will also discuss how to cancel free trials.


4-Click on “Subscribe” to continue, and uncheck the promotional email option otherwise it will send you a penalty of emails.


5-Click on the “Install” tab when you are redirected to this option. Then click on “Install Microsoft Office”.


6-Choose language by clicking on “other options” and choose “install”.


7-When the installation is finished, open the Microsoft Office App and start working.

How to Cancel Microsoft Free Trial

Even if you are not using the microsoft office and did not cancel the subscription, microsoft will charge you the selected price of a plan through the payment method you have provided. So canceling the Microsoft free trial is a must. Follow the steps to Cancel the free trial.

1-Open the Microsoft office app.

2-Click on the manage option in the account dashboard.


3-Then click on “Cancel Subscription”. On the similar page, choose “turn off recurring billing”.

Best Alternative Office Suite for Microsoft Office

If you are searching for a Microsoft Office substitute, after finishing the free trial with the same user interface, features, and functionality, then WPS Office is the way to go. WPS Office is free to download from all app stores and is compatible with all operating systems, including iPhone, Mac, and Windows. Apart from the apps available in Microsoft office, WPS Office also has some extra editors and tools, like PDF editor and converter.

Get the WPS Office app now.

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