Different Methods for How to Right Click on Mac

July 31, 20231.2K views

When Apple introduced its first computer with the mouse technology, a common hardware essential, the right-click button was absent from that day. There could be many reasons to use the right-click option on your Mac. It could be for creating a new folder, personalizing your view settings etc. Right click is very essential for copying, moving, renaming or deleting a file; image or documents.It is also an essential feature when we talk about opening links in a new tab or inspecting them. All of the above actions can be done through short keys but for a while it is important to know “how to right click on Mac” for a person who is moving from windows to Mac.

Apple always had a different user interface from Windows UI. If you are assuming to see a right click button on an apple laptop then you are wrong because apple uses a totally different technique for performing actions (Same as right click on Windows laptops) through “control click” or “secondary click” method. However, you can still use a mouse that houses two side buttons and could use Apple Magic Mouse but it cannot be the ideal situation to always handle.

You can choose one of the following ways for how to right click on a Mac, we will go through each of them below;

  • Using a 2-side-button mouse.

  • Press control while clicking your mouse/Trackpad

  • Using two finger tap option

  • Using bottom right corner option

  • Using bottom left corner option

Using a 2-side-button Mouse

One of the easiest ways is to use a mouse having both left and right side buttons and compatible with Mac. Either wired or wireless, you can connect it via USB dongle. Newer versions of Macs recognize any mouse and respond quickly.


Press Control While Clicking Your Mouse/Trackpad

Another easy way to right click on your Mac is by pressing the “Ctrl” key and then clicking on your trackpad or through a one-button mouse.


Using Two Finger Tap Option

Tap your two fingers at a time with one inch apart and so on your trackpad or touchpad. If this function does not work, change settings to “Click with Two fingers” in system preferences to “Trackpad” not mouse.


Using bottom right corner option

You can right click on Mac by clicking on the right-bottom-corner of the trackpad. This method only works when you set your preference to “Click in bottom right corner” in system preferences.


Using Bottom Left Corner Option

You can right click on Mac by clicking on the left-bottom-corner of the trackpad. This method only works when you set your preference to “Click in bottom left corner” in system preferences.


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