Do You Know How to Make Fillable PDF in Word?

July 31, 2023710 views

Sometimes, we need to collect information quickly and this pdf file is the best option. Currently, the pdf file format is the best and using this format, people can share their important information! A fillable form is the best way to gather information from any number of people. If you are a business owner, then this is the best option for you.! If you want to create a fillable pdf then before that, you should know how to make a fillable pdf in word and then use it.

How to Make Fillable PDF in Word with Adobe

If you want to create fields in a word document, use adobe and you can make it easier. You have to undergo the following process….

  • Open adobe online pdf editor tool. Now, within the word program, select the file and then go new document option

  • Create the form you want! Type whatever details you want to Put on it and use it. Acrobat always searches for any horizontal lines to find out where the fillable field is.

  • Once you have done this, you will need to save it as a pdf file. Now, change the format and convert it to a pdf file.

  • Now, right-click on the file and click on the open with the Acrobat reader. Now, select the tools option and prepare the form. This helps to create fillable fields.

  • Once complete click on the file option and save as button.

How to Make Fillable PDF in Word with PDFelement!

Sometimes, we need to create a form that other people need to fill out. Creating a fillable word document is not a very easy job. You have to follow the steps properly before you proceed.

  • First open the word document, Create the form you want within the documents

  • Once you do, then you will be able to make the perfect fillable word document and save it.

  • Now, open the form document in PDFelement and you have to click the + sign for upload.

  • Now, go to the form button and you can create a fillable pdf form as per your need.

  • After adding the form click on the preview option

  • Now, once done, click on the save file. Share and wonder share cloud allow to access and download documents.

How to Make Fillable PDF in Word with WPS PDF Tools!

Pdf is an important document and by using pdf people are sharing different types of information easily. WPS pdf tools are one of the best software or online tools through which you can make fillable pdf always.

Steps that You Need to Follow!

  • Open WPS pdf tools online or you can download this tool on your PC and click on the create button in the form’s menu.

  • Now, you can add texts, other forms, and boxes to the file

  • Once done, save the document and the document is ready for filling.

Get the Best Tips for You!

Once you are planning to choose the best pdf editor tool online or offline, then select WPS pdf tools. This is the best pdf editor and whether you want to convert pdf to any other file format or edit documents, or fillable add, you can do this easily. Another best benefit is, you don’t need to pay extra money for this purpose. It's completely free of cost and all the documents are safe here after certain time all data will be deleted automatically from their server.

FAQ for PDF Editor

Q. Does WPS Pdf tools store files?

No, they never save their user's data to their server. After your work is done, it will be deleted from their service within time.

Q. Is it safe to use online WPS pdf tools?

Yes, this is a completely safe pdf editor currently. Millions of people are using this platform to securely edit, split, merge, or convert pdf files to any other format!

Select always the Best PDF Tool!

If you are using pdf frequently for office purposes, then it's better to install the best pdf tool which converts or edits your pdf file within a few seconds. For this, WPS Pdf tools are the best option always. Try it once and you will realise its benefits.

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