Everything about Converting PDF to DBF for Free in 2021

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PDF stands for Portable Document Format. The creator of this extension is Adobe and nowadays it’s one of the most commonly used formats worldwide. On the other hand, the DBS abbreviation is dBase database file. This type of format is used for spreadsheet-like financial calculations, customer worksheets, etc. You can open a DBS file using Microsoft Excel & WPS Office Software. Similarly, being versatile a PDF file can be opened in almost all kinds of software.

Facts about about Converting PDF to DBF for Free in 2021

Is PDF better than DBF?

Previously people used to store spreadsheet data using the DBS format. But over the upcoming days, it hasn’t developed that much. It first came to market with dBase2 and after that came dBase4. But this PDF extension is much more popular and handy to use. It’s also safe and secured as in 2022 it came with newer versions.

Are PDF Files Easy to Read?

While in a spreadsheet you can change formulas and other things easily but it’s not possible in PDF format. According to uses and recommendations PDF files are easy to read.

Best Tools to Convert PDF to DBF

In the following, I have shared some best tools to convert PDF to DBS in a quick manner.


I have used Vertopal several times and for converting PDF to DBS I found it better than other tools. As an online converter, this is one of my favorite tools as you can convert to any format according to your demand.


Any Conv

Any Conv is a trending tool to convert PDF files to various formats. The main advantage is that it’s totally safe because the file is removed after 1 hour from the server automatically.



Sometimes after converting a PDF file into DBS format data changes simultaneously. In order to prevent that, pdfFiller is the best tool that provides a fresh DBS file without changing any data.


Use ABC Amber PDF Converter to Convert PDF to DBF

Below I have shared some easy steps with an explanation of how to convert PDF to DBF format using the ABC Amber PDF Converter.


Above all, install the ABC Amber PDF Converter on your PC or Mac.

After installing open the software to use it for conversion.


Hence, drag your file into the “Choose File” section.

After that, select your desired extension from the drop-down list and press “Convert”.


Finally, within seconds the file will be converted to your desired format.

Click the “Download” icon to download the file. Simple isn’t it?


Here I have tried my best to cover all the best tools for converting PDF files to DBS extensions. I have also attached step by step process of converting PDF files. Hope you enjoyed my writing. If you have any queries don’t forget to let us know in the comment section below. Last but not least you can download the WPS Office Software from the below link. With this, you can open any formatted file as it’s designed that way. Furthermore, you can convert to your desired format too. Enjoy!

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