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Electronic and digital signatures both serve significant purposes, yet they are distinct. An electronic signature is presented here as a replacement for a written one. It's just a picture of your signature that you may attach to a pdf. Adobe Fill and Sign online in Adobe Pdf Reader download is the most widely used program of its kind today.

How to add a signature to a pdf with Adobe fill and sign online

First of all, download the Adobe Pdf Reader app on your device.

1-Launch Adobe Acrobat Reader and read the pdf file.

Select Open from the File menu. After that, choose the pdf you wish to sign.

2-Adobe Fill & Sign online can be accessed from the Tools menu on the right.

For the Tools menu, hit SHIFT+F4. You'll see a menu bar at the very top of your page.

3-To add your signature, go to the Sign tab and then Add signature.

After clicking the button, a menu with three tabs—"Type," "Draw," and "Image"—will appear. When you're ready, select the option labeled "Apply."

You can use the cursive writing mode in Type to sign your name. The signature format is flexible, as requested.

You can use your mouse, touchpad, or pen (for touchscreen devices) to draw the signature.

Choose an image file to use as your signature using Image.

4-The signature can be resized and relocated within the pdf using the mouse.

Digitally putting your signature on an Android


Thanks to modern technology, the tools you need to keep operations running smoothly are at your fingertips. Tasks typically performed on a desktop or laptop computer can now be completed on the go using only a mobile device, such as an Android or iOS-based smartphone or tablet.

Many apps are available on the Google Play Store for signing pdfs with your Android device, but Adobe fills and sign online is the most straightforward option. The pdf can be signed after you've downloaded and installed Adobe Acrobat Reader on your Android device and followed the instructions below.

  1. Start up the Acrobat Reader software. First-time users of Adobe Acrobat Reader are prompted to sign in with an Adobe ID. If you'd rather skip this step, you can click the close (x) button in the upper right corner of the window.
  2. To modify an existing pdf in the app, select the plus sign and then Edit pdf. You may also pick On This Device from the Files menu to see all the pdfs stored on your device and choose one to edit.
  3. To add your signature to a pdf in Adobe, open the document, pick the pencil icon, and choose Fill and Sign online.
  4. To add your signature, go to the signature tools, press the signature icon on the right, and then hit Create signature.
  5. Next, choose the signature you just made by tapping the Signature symbol again, and then tap the pdf document at the location where you want to add your signature.

WPS Office is a viable alternative to Adobe Acrobat Reader.


The free trial of WPS Office offers more navigation and editing options than the Adobe Acrobat Reader app, such as the ability to hide the menu bar to help the user focus on the text at hand, expand the window to fill the screen, activate an auto-reader to have the text read aloud, and revert to a previous version of the text for simple editing. It's possible to test out WPS Office online with a free trial version available for download from the official site. You can easily share on social media, collect and evaluate electronic signatures, and have forms filled up for you, all with the click of a button.

Sending a completed work along with comments on improving it is a simple way to cooperate with a group. Thankfully, there does not appear to be any payment associated with signing up, and the service does not appear to cost anything.

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