Everything You Need to Know about Converting EML to PDF in 2022

August 2, 2022 |

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Everything You Need to Know about Converting EML to PDF in 2022
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Pdf file is a very common readable file that is compatible with almost every other software around. Most students, teachers, and professionals search for eml to pdf file conversion. Let's first understand which is the eml file and then we will explore the best free tools for the conversion of eml to pdf file.

What is an eml file and how to open it?

eml file is an email message which is saved by any email software. Major email applications are Google email, Outlook, and Apple Mail. There are many other applications that give the facility to save and receive email messages. These applications are available for windows 10, Windows 8, MAC, and Linux.

How to open the eml file?

There are many tools that are used to open eml files. For windows use Outlook to open eml files. For macOS use, Apple Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird are used to open eml files on almost all operating systems.

Almost all web browsers have the facility to open eml files. Google, Microsoft Edge, and internet explorer also facilitate the opening of eml files. For opening them directly on browsers you must convert the .eml file format to .mht.

Eml files are partially text and that is the reason they can be opened using a text editor like notepad. For opening them in the text editor you should convert them to .txt format from .eml format.

Steps to convert eml file to pdf file

Conversion of the eml file to the pdf file is easy. Many tools available on the internet today can easily convert eml files to pdf files. Here we will use the zamzar website to convert the eml file to pdf.


1-Open type eml to pdf conversion on google and open zamzar website.

2-You will see this user interface.


3-Now click on the choose file button and choose the eml file you want to convert to pdf.


4-Here we have selected a sample.eml file for conversion. Select the file you want to convert.

5-Now click on the convert now button to convert file format. You will see this user interface.


6-Here click on the download button to download the converted file.

By this method, you can convert as many files as you want to eml. The pdf file format is a very common format and is normally used for reading purposes and when we have to send files from one platform to another.

Like zamzar, you can use any other online platform to convert eml file to pdf. Most websites available online are free. Some of them which are offer best quality conversion are paid.

Try WPS Office to convert EML to PDF

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