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PDF is a file format that is commonly used nowadays owing to the amazing features of PDF file format. Usually, PDF format is used because it is easy to handle. Anyone with little knowledge can use this to open files. CSV file format is apparently similar to excel sheet but actually, it is different from excel sheet.CSV format is used for data collection and also for importing and exporting the information. Mainly CSV format is used in business and in commerce to store data.

Differences between PDF and CSV files?

PDF and CSV are two different file formats used for different purposes, having different features. The main difference between these two formats is: that in PDF file format it is difficult to edit the data while in CSV format it is easy to edit data and CSV files can be opened in MS EXCEL. This article is a guide on the conversion of PDF files into CSV file format.

CSV Files

  • CSV file format is easy to edit.

  • CSV files can be opened in an excel sheet, we don’t need any other software to open it.

  • CSV format is used to edit import or reports.

PDF Files

  • PDF file format is usually used to prevent editing.

  • We need software to open the PDF file.

  • PDF format is used to print that edited import or report.

Best Free Tools to Convert PDF to CSV Files

We can perform this task by using different software. This software is available for free on the internet.

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro

  • ProperSoft PDF2CSV

  • Simpo PDF to Excel Converter

  • PDF2XL Basic

All these tools can be used to convert PDF files to CSV files.

How do I Convert PDF to CSV Files for Free?

You can convert PDF to CSV by using Adobe Acrobat Pro for windows. It is very easy to use.

Convert PDF to CSV Files by Adobe Acrobat pro for Windows

1- Open Adobe Acrobat pro on your laptop or computer. You will get the interface as shown in the below figure.


2- Click on ‘Tools’ icon. When you click on ‘the tools icon, you will have multiple options. Our aim is to convert PDF to CSV file format so, we click on the ‘Export PDF’ button.


3- Now we can select our desired format. It's totally up to us that we want to convert our PDF file to Microsoft word or spreadsheet or PowerPoint or image or HTML web page.


4- Here we will select ‘Spread sheet’. By clicking spreadsheet we will go for Microsoft excel workbook. After successfully selecting our desired format we will click on the button named ‘Export’.


5- Finally, we have to click on ‘Export to Excel’.

6- Now save your file by selecting CSV format from the output format. After that, you will get your PDF file in CSV format.

ProperSoft PDF2CSV

ProperSoft PDF2CSV is a user-friendly and straightforward free tool that converts PDF files into CSV format. The user-friendly interface of ProperSoft PDF2CSV allows users to navigate effortlessly, even with limited technical knowledge. 

However, properSoft PDF2CSV may have some limitations regarding larger files and may not be as accurate as some paid options.

Simpo PDF To Excel Converter

Simpo PDF to Excel Converter is another free tool that offers a straightforward conversion process. It can convert PDF files to Excel format, easily converted to CSV format. 

However, it might not be appropriate for intricate documents, and the precision of the conversion may surpass that of other alternatives.

PDF2XL Basic

PDF2XL Basic is a paid tool that offers a free trial version. It provides impressive conversion accuracy and can handle more complex documents. However, its interface may be more complicated than other options, making it best suited for users requiring high accuracy.

To summarize, Adobe Acrobat Pro and PDF2XL Basic are top choices for high-quality PDF to CSV conversions, with advanced features and complex document handling respectively. 

Free alternatives like ProperSoft PDF2CSV and Simpo PDF to Excel Converter offer options for budget-conscious or simpler needs, although limitations may arise with larger files and complex documents. These tools enable convenient PDF to CSV conversion, enhancing data manipulation and organization.

Comparison Of Features And Limitations

Adobe Acrobat Pro is the top choice for users who require high-quality and accurate conversions.WPS Office provides users with a wide array of additional features and customization options, enhancing its overall software capabilities. With its comprehensive tools and customizable settings, WPS Office stands out as a powerful and versatile software solution.

However, ProperSoft PDF2CSV and Simpo PDF to Excel Converter offer free alternatives for users on a budget or with less complex requirements. PDF2XL Basic is best suited for users who require advanced customization options and higher accuracy.



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Converting PDF To CSV Using Open-Source Tools



Tabula is a free and open-source tool that allows users to extract data tables trapped in PDFs and convert them into CSV files. It is user-friendly and offers a simple interface that requires no coding skills. 

Tabula extracts data from PDFs by recognizing the table structures and importing them into CSV format, maintaining the original integrity of the data. The tool is ineffective for converting scanned PDFs but works flawlessly with PDFs containing structured data.


Python has gained immense popularity as a programming language due to its extensive range of libraries and functionalities. It makes Python an exceptional choice for efficiently manipulating PDF and CSV files. Using Python, users can perform various operations to convert PDFs to CSV files, such as loading the PDF document, initializing the save options objects, and exporting to CSV format.

A significant advantage of using Python for PDF to CSV conversion is that users can automate the process, carry out batch conversions, or integrate the functionality into their software programs.

Check out Turn your Python script into a command-line application here.

How To Convert PDF To Excel With WPS Office

Converting a PDF document into an Excel file format offers significant benefits, particularly when you need to perform additional data manipulation and analysis. It allows for more advanced data handling, visualization, and sharing.

WPS Office offers an easy solution if you're looking for a simple way to convert PDF files to Excel. This guide explores the advantages of converting PDF to Excel and its significance in CSV conversion. It offers a step-by-step tutorial on how to convert PDF to Excel using WPS Office.

Frequently Asked Question’s

1. How To Convert A PDF Bank Statement To CSV?

If you want to convert a PDF bank statement to CSV, you can use a PDF to CSV converter software or an online tool. Follow these simple steps to convert your PDF bank statement to CSV:

  • Open the converter and upload the PDF bank statement.

  • Check the settings to ensure that the output format is set to CSV.

  • Choose the page range to convert, if necessary.

  • Start the conversion process.

  • Review the converted CSV file and make any necessary edits or adjustments.

2. How To Convert A PDF File To CSV Without Losing Formatting?

When converting a PDF file to CSV, you may lose formatting if you don't use a PDF converter with OCR technology. OCR, which stands for Optical Character Recognition, is a technology that enables converters to identify and retain text formatting within a PDF document. To convert a PDF file to CSV without losing formatting, follow these steps:

  • Use a PDF converter with OCR technology.

  • Choose a PDF converter that allows for manual adjustments to the table and column structures.

  • Review the converted CSV file and make any necessary edits or adjustments to the formatting.

  • Consider using a PDF converter with a preview option to check the formatting before converting to CSV.

3. Can I Convert Multiple PDF Files To CSV At Once?

You can convert multiple PDF files to CSV simultaneously using a batch PDF to CSV converter software or an online tool. Follow these simple steps to convert multiple PDF files to CSV:

  • Choose the PDF files that you wish to convert into CSV format.

  • Choose the output format as CSV and select the page range to convert, if necessary.

  • Start the batch conversion process.

  • Review and save the converted CSV files to your computer.

4. PDF To CSV Vs. PDF To Excel: Which One Is Better?

The choice between PDF to CSV and PDF to Excel conversion depends on your specific use case and requirements. 

Here are some factors to consider when choosing between PDF to CSV and PDF to Excel:


  • Better for data extraction and analysis.

  • Simple text-based format.

  • Widely supported and easily manipulated.

  • Suitable for further processing in spreadsheet software or programming languages.

  • Free PDF to CSV converters or batch conversion software options are available.

PDF To Excel

  • Better for preserving the visual layout and complex structures.

  • Retains formatting, formulas, and advanced features.

  • Suitable for maintaining the original structure and functionality.

  • Helpful when PDF contains multiple sheets, graphics, or procedures.

  • Professional PDF to Excel converters may come at a cost.

PDF to CSV is typically more straightforward and flexible regarding data extraction and analysis, while PDF to Excel is more suitable for preserving complex visual layouts. Consider your specific needs when choosing the best conversion option for you.


This comprehensive guide introduces various methods for converting PDF to CSV, including online tools, desktop software, and open-source solutions. Among these options, WPS Office is a versatile PDF-to-CSV conversion tool. 

It highlights the benefits of converting PDF to Excel and its relevance to CSV conversion. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to convert PDF to Excel using WPS Office. 

By leveraging the capabilities of WPS Office, professionals can streamline their workflows and maximize the value of their data.

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