Everything You Need to Know about Converting PDF to EPUB

July 31, 2023649 views

Digital books are non-editable books. epub is the most widely used digital books file format. It’s easy to download, open and read these files on smart screens such as on PC, laptops, or digital mobiles. These files are compatible with all screens.

Ways to open an epub file:

Let’s read some of the good software to open epub files on your different devices.

  • Download adobe digital edition for the opening of your epub files and if you want to open your files on adobe reader, firstly convert them to pdf files.
  • For the opening of epub files on your mobiles, you can use Google play books. Using this you can easily open your epub file.

By using proper files you can easily open epub files on your devices.

Methods to convert pdf to epub file:

There are hundreds of software available online which can convert your pdf files to epub files. We have mentioned here three of them for convenience. These are all websites that you can easily approach using your browsers.

1- Cloudconvert:

Cloud convert can easily convert your pdf files to epub file format. It offers many other files format so you can use it for almost every famous conversion.

  • It supports 200 file formats.
  • They use modern technology for file conversion to provide the maximum accuracy possible. Moreover, they claim to made no compromise over our data security.
  • They have cooperated with various other vendors for file conversions to provide maximum accuracy.

2- Zamzar:

Zamzar is also a website that converts pdf to epub file format. The website has a very simple file conversion method like the cloudconvert website. It starts the conversion of your files in minutes. You just need to open the website and select which file you want to convert. After selecting the file select which file format you want to convert and you are good to go. Now just click on the version button and then download converted files in minutes.

They have cloud-based conversion services and they claim to convert files no matter if it’s one or 10 thousand.

3- Convertio:

Convertio websites provide services for pdf to epub file conversion using DropBox, and Google drive or you can select your file directly from your PC.

Here we will practically convert pdf file to epub file format using the convertio website.

1-Just search convertio on your web browser and open the website. Here you will see choose file option as we mentioned below. Now choose a file to be converted to epub.


2-Here we have selected sample.pdf for file conversion. Now click on the convert to option and select the epub option. Then click on the convert button to convert your file.


3-Finally click on the download button to download the converted file.

This is how you can easily convert your pdf file to epub.

Download WPS Office:

Download WPS Office now and convert your numerous file with its conversion services. WPS Office is equally compatible with windows 10, Linux, Unix, macOS, and Windows 8.

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