Everything You Need to Know about Converting PDF to PDF A

July 31, 2023796 views

Pdf/A is an archive version of pdf files. All fonts that a pdf file use are embedded in pdf/a file format. Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft word, and much other software allow saving files in pdf/a format. Some of these format software gives limited features and some are complete.

Pdf/a is a more secure format than pdf and is used for protecting files for a long time.

In this tutorial, we will see different websites to convert pdf to pdf/a file format.

How pdf format is different than pdf/a:

Pdf/a format is more secure than pdf format. Although pdf itself is a secure format pdf is an advanced version of pdf a which is used to store files for long term.

Best tools to convert pdf to pdf a file format:

Here we have mentioned some of the best tools for the conversion of pdf to pdf a.


PDF.online is a website that facilitates the conversion between these two file formats. You can convert your files in a few minutes by using its simplest user interface. For conversion just open the website and select the file you need to convert to pdf/a. The click convert button to start conversion and finally download the converted file.

You can select your files from dropbox, google drive, and your PC.


Pdftron is another website that allows converting pdf to pdf/a. This website claim to the conversion of more than 20 formats to ISO-compliant pdf/a format. Once you select your pdf file to convert to pdf/a it will ask for further conversions into pdf/a 1A, pdf/a 1B, pdf/a 2A, pdf/a 2B, pdf/a 3A or pdf/a 3B. You can select any level of conversion of your own choice. Then you will click on the convert button to convert files.

Once you upload a file it will store privately and will automatically be deleted after 24 hours. This website also offers automated or batch conversion.

3-Pdf to pdf/a conversion using the word:

Pdf to pdf/a conversion is also possible using Microsoft word. Microsoft word has advanced features which can convert pdf to pdf as a file format. For conversion just follow the rules below and you are good to go.


1- First, open Microsoft word and then open the pdf file you want to convert to pdf/a format. For clearing the procedure we have an open sample.pdf file in Microsoft word.


2- Now click on the file option and then click on the save as button to save the file in pdf/a format.


After clicking on browse option select the location where you want to save your file on your pc.


Here we are going to save our file in the documents folder, change the name of the file if you want, and select pdf format from saving as file field.

3- Now click on the Options… button for advanced conversion of the file to pdf/a. You will see the option window open in front of you.


4- Now click on ISO 19005-1 compliant (pdf/a) format and hit ok. Now click on save on next window and your file will save in pdf/a file format.


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