Everything You Need to Know about Converting PNG to PDF

July 31, 2023532 views

PNG is an image file format with transparent background and is a type of raster file format. It's mostly useful for handling images or graphics. But sometimes we need to convert images into pdf because we can merge a lot of pngs in the form of one pdf file. And hence, it's very handy for us to open just one pdf instead of sorting out 40 or 50 images. It's helpful for the people who sell the products, so they have a lot of images to handle, and the easy way for them is to combine them in one pdf.

Differences between PNG and PDF

Let's see discuss what’s the difference between png and pdf. So, you could decide whether it's good for you to convert png into pdf or not.


  • It is a raster image file format.
  • The data is in the form of graphics; sometimes, it can have text.
  • These have a transparent background.
  • They are good for displaying images on the web, but they are not good for printing purposes.
  • Png is mostly not safe files, and we can’t password protect the png files.
  • The png contains only one image.
  • png Images don’t have links.


  • It's a portable document format.
  • Most of the data is in the form of text. But no doubt it can have images or other graphics.
  • The background of the pdf files is not transparent.
  • It is mostly uploaded as a file, and users can download it, and it's good for printing purposes.
  • We can password-protect the pdf files.
  • While one pdf may have more than one image.
  • Pdf can contain links.

How to convert png to pdf?

If you want to convert png to pdf, you can find a lot of tools available online or offline. You can easily use those tools on windows and mac. These tools are a good way to convert your png to pdf while saving money in 2022. One of the best tools you can use in 2022 for windows and mac is the WPS pdf tool. With the WPS pdf tool, you can convert any type of file to pdf and pdf to any file.

Let’s see how you can convert your png files to pdf by WPS.


1-Open the WPS office and click the picture to pdf. Upload the png file or drag or drop the file.


2-Then select the output mode, export format, and orientation. You can upload multiple files, convert them into a pdf file at a time, and then click the export option.


Download WPS Office

Png to pdf conversion is just a few clicks away from you. Just download the WPS office and install it to convert any type of file into a pdf. You can convert different files into other formats. Not just conversion, WPS is the best tool to open different kinds of files. You can use the WPS office for free and most of the basic conversions by the WPS office are free. Specially it’s the best offer for students and people dealing with graphics to download the WPS office.

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