Everything You Need to Know about Converting PPT to PDF

August 2, 2022 |

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Everything You Need to Know about Converting PPT to PDF
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Ppt is the PowerPoint presentation file, a widespread format in schools and offices. It is used to present your data in front of the audience. No matter if it's a school or office, you need ppt files to submit your files to others. But sometimes, users need to convert their ppt files to pdf because these files are not much safe and easy to share.

We will discuss the difference between ppt files and pdf files and how to convert pdf files to ppt files in 2022.

Difference between ppt and pdf files:

It will be straightforward for you to decide which file is best for you and in which case. Depending on that, you can determine if you should convert your ppt file into pdf or not.

PPT file

  • Ppt files can contain text, images, sound effects, videos or audio. It is good if you have to show any video to your audience.
  • You can edit the ppt files.
  • Ppt files are created from scratch
  • Its size is heavy. Because these files are into the audios or videos, so the files end up within large MBS. And it becomes difficult to share these files.
  • Mobility and portability of ppt files are tough.
  • Ppt files offer less protection than pdf files. Ppt files show passwords but with an option of encryption.

PDF file

  • The pdf file does not allow audio and videos.
  • You can't edit the pdf files except with the help of special tools.
  • Pdf files are made from the already existing files.
  • These files are not much heavy. Even if the ppt file is serious, converting it to pdf will be straightforward to share due to fewer MBS.
  • Ensuring mobility and portability is the first preference of pdf files
  • The pdf documents also offer the facility to reach the pdf files by applying the password, but the users have a time limit to access these files. The users are required to provide digital signatures, which ensures the safety of file transfer, and we can ensure the user's authenticity within significantly less time.

How do I convert ppt files to pdf by the WPS office?

WPS Office is a free online and offline tool for windows and mac in 2022. Users also used it in 2021 because of its budget-friendly and easy-to-use interphase. You can convert any file into a pdf file just by clicking some options. Here is how you can convert ppt to pdf by WPS office.


Open your ppt file in the WPS office. And go to the menu option. Click the save as option and then go to save as ppt.


After that, you can click the save option to convert your file into pdf.


Download WPS Office:

You have noticed using WPS makes it very easy to convert ppt to pdf files. Not just ppt files, you can correct any file into a pdf file by using the WPS office for free. Download WPS to enjoy this wonderful experience.

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