MS Excel vs. WPS Spreadsheet

November 30, 2022 |

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MS Excel  vs. WPS Spreadsheet
In this article, you will learn:

Microsoft Excel and WPS Spreadsheet both use functions and formulas to store numerical and normal data in an organized way. In this article, we'll discuss both tools so you can understand them and decide which is best for you.

Excel on Microsoft

Excel is one of the applications in the Microsoft Office suite and works on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Excel on Microsoft uses spreadsheets to organize numbers and data using functions and formulas. Microsoft Office Excel is one of the essential tools for data and information calculation, analysis, and visualization.

Microsoft Excel is widely used in the accounting department of industries, corporate, and government offices. You can download it from the official site of Microsoft.

How to use the main features of Excel on Microsoft

Microsoft Excel provides an easy way to arrange, organize, and calculate spreadsheet data. By organizing data with Excel, data analysts and other users can make information easier to examine as it is added and updated. 

Excel includes many rectangular boxes known as cells that are organized in rows and columns. 

Microsoft also educates you about all its features so that you can understand better and use them to increase your productivity. Besides, you can find a lot of tutorials online that will guide you about each feature.

WPS Office Spreadsheet

WPS Spreadsheet is a free tool for assessing and displaying data. It comes with free templates that can be used to manage statistics, keep track of budgets, and look at personal or business finances.

Comparison between WPS Spreadsheet and Microsoft Excel

Following are some similarities between WPS Spreadsheet and Microsoft Excel.

WPS Spreadsheets and MS Excel can open files in the XLS, XLSX, and CSV formats. Both have built-in templates to help you in your work Both can organize numbers and data using functions and formulas.

Following are some differences between WPS Spreadsheet and Microsoft Excel.

  • MS Excel has more tools and formulas for serious data analysis or visualization. 

  • MS Excel allows you to create more types of charts than WPS Spreadsheet. 

  • WPS Spreadsheet have features like Protection at different levels and a Password hint, which are missing in MS Excel. 

  • MS Excel is quite more expensive than WPS Spreadsheet.

WPS: A Complete Office Suite

WPS Office is a full office suite with many tools for editing and making changes, like word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and more. Even though Excel is much better than WPS Spreadsheet in terms of performance, WPS Office has some features that Excel doesn't have. Excel and WPS Spreadsheet are almost the same in general. So, you can choose WPS Spreadsheet over Excel because it costs less.

WPS is being used by more than 20 million people right now. This app is good if so many people use it. You'll be surprised that these people are using this app for free. Also, hundreds of thousands of Premium and Business WPS users use it on their Windows computers, laptops, Macs, and other devices.

WPS is a very compatible office suite that can be downloaded easily on an iPhone, Android, or desktop computer. It works with all versions of Windows.

So, WPS Office is easy to get from its official site. You can try it out for free for seven daysDownloading the WPS office suite contains all the essential tools to create, send, store and organize your data. WPS spreadsheet is almost the same as Microsoft Excel, but WPS spreadsheet is less expensive than Excel and provides some advanced features.


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