Federal Resume Example PDF (Download 2023)

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In the present time knowing how to write a lucrative and winning resume is a valuable skill. A resume is the first impression for a potential employer which creates a more assurance path. But federal resumes are different from other resumes. You must maintain the proper borderlines and information categories according to their rules. Mostly for USA jobs you need to write an attractive federal resume. For your federal resume, you need to include the following information-

  1. Employer names, addresses, and telephone numbers 

  2. Dates of employment 

  3. Former supervisor’s names and telephone numbers 

  4. Your job title/series 

  5. List of your responsibilities 

  6. Salary/GS level and step 

  7. Training 

  8. Career accomplishments 

  9. Awards received 

  10. Education

With this information and proper rearrangement create and write your own resume so that an employer can see all the pieces of information at a glance.

In the following, I have shared 2 tools to download and edit federal resumes example PDF. The following tools are supported for Windows, Linux, Mac, and iPhone users. Follow the instructions below to learn the techniques.

1. WPS Office to Write Federal Resume PDF

Writing a federal resume with standard quality and multiple styles is easily possible with the WPS PDF tool. This tool is more exceptional than others because you can create your own resume and edit them with different alignments. Launched in 2016, WPS Office is leading the market with its versatility. They are renowned worldwide with more than 1.2 billion installs and ranked top by users. Students, teachers, and finance experts trust this software because of its compatibility. What else do you need if you get to read any type of file and convert, edit, merge, and organize them with this single tool? All in all, you will get under one roof. Let’s get to know the simple trick to downloading a federal resume sample and filling it with the user's information.

Useful Tips: 

While making a perfect resume it’s important to maintain paragraph lines and text inside boxes with the proper font styles. In these scenarios, WPS Office can help you make you the best federal resume. While sharing the resume format will not change if its saved as PDF extension.


  • First, click the link below to download the federal resume sample.

Federal Resume Sample

  • Hence, download the sample file and open it with WPS Office Suite.

  • After opening the sample file choose the “Edit” option to edit as per your requirement. 

  • Finally, save it to get your federal resume created in your hands.

2. FoxitPDF to Create Federal Resume PDF

In some cases, you can also use the FoxitPDF to create your own federal resume. FoxitPDf is one of the best tools available in the market with the best PDF editing tools. You won’t need to sign in or purchase a subscription to edit PDFs. Being heavyweight I recommend using this app with a PC. While creating a resume from a template you can also add multiple style fonts, and organize and electrically sign your PDF documents. Most users use this tool for their personal uses. In order to use it for businesses and organizations you have to purchase their subscription plan. After completing the editing work the format size might change a little bit. While saving sometimes the images get blurred. If the resumes become too large you can also use their compression tool to compress the PDF.


  • First, click the link below to download the federal resume template directly.

Federal Resume Template

  • Then open the federal resume template with FoxitPDF software.

  • After opening the file visit the “Edit Text” option from the ‘Edit” option to fill with your information. 

  • Hence, save the document to your dropbox or local storage. 

  • In summary, we have successfully created and written our federal resume within a moment. Simple isn’t it?


1. Can I insert Bold letters and images inside my resume?

Yes, you can insert your desired size of images and bold letters which you want to focus on for the reader. In addition, you can insert horizontal lines, color headings, and reshape your PDF resume.

2. Is it possible to add a signature to the resume?

Of course, you can add and draw your own signature with the WPS Office app. This app has recently introduced a feature where you can create your own signature to sign your resume in a quick and efficient way.

Free Download WPS Office Suite

In the above article, I have attached some federal resume examples for windows, Mac, and iPhone in a simple way. Last but not least don’t forget to download the WPS Office suite as this is the best tool to read, convert, and edit any type of document. It is compared as an alternative to Microsoft office due to its multiple features and is used by 300 million people all over the world. It’s absolutely free for windows, Mac, and iPhone users. Below I have shared the latest version of WPS Office Suite. Just click and enjoy. Thanks!

Free Download WPS Office Suite

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