Free Download iLovePDF Extension Reader for Chrome

July 31, 2023843 views

iLovePDF is an online tool to work with PDF files completely free and easy to access. iLovePDF provides a variety of tools to edit your documents more efficiently. You can enjoy your PDF file converting from one place. Editing and transforming PDF files are free and easy. iLovePDF Plugin helps you with a powerful PDF toolkit online, at your disposal for all your converting document needs. This extension performs for time editing documents and increases your productivity. We have used many extensions for PDF document needs and today I will show you the impactful mechanism of the iLovePDF extension.

Importance of adding iLovePDF Extension Redear

  • Saving time with skip printing and scanning file
  • Reduces business costs and needs no more tools to break your productivity.
  • Ensure maximum file security with properly stored data.

Is it worth downloading iLovePDF? Check here to get the answer you want to know: iLovePDF Download - A Comprehensive PDF Reader

Guidance to add Free iLovePDF Extension for Chrome

We can add iLovePDF extension just from the Google Chrome browser by following easy steps and therefore it is available for updating and compressing any PDF file. Adding an extension in your chrome can make your browser slow and contains unknown file data. Hence we are giving you the ideal process of adding the iLovePDF extension for chrome.

Open your google chrome browser and choose Web store > IlovePDF extension.

Click add to chrome button


Click your extension opening switch and pin your ILovePDF to add this at the file formatting bar.


Here it is loaded in the chrome browser which makes you ready to start operation.


Comparison between WPS and iLovePDF extension


WPS Office is all in one suite and it invites users to get all the PDF tools converting features. User can solve their PDF file formatting problems with its latest PDF tools extension for Online and offline. It is compatible now with Microsoft word for its user-responsive operating system. ILovePDF mainly converts PDF tools online and can't do much more operation with this online tool. Users prefer WPS Office for several file openings like doc, ppt, and PPS with all micro-enabled files.


In this topic, I try to show our users the importance of adding extensions for editing and formatting. I hope you all keep those notes in your mind and use extensions according to your transforming data. Actually, PDF to Word is often used for professional work and it needs a more supportive PDF extension. WPS Office and WPS PDF tools offer us to enjoy their features with 7 days free trial and a monthly subscription. You can download any of WPS With 4 productivity elements in WPS Office for windows, mac, and Android, namely Writer, Spreadsheet, Presentation, and PDF, and that can guide you to work from anywhere with your devices at any time.

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