Free download PDF Candy in Uptodown with Free Trial

July 31, 2023631 views

PDF Candy is available to download in Uptodown for free along with free trial. Uptodown is a free site to download android and desktop applications. Currently, this site contains more than 100,000 desktop applications and up to 4 million mobile apps. Uptodown is considered the alternative to Play Store.

Pdf Candy is a desktop application that enables you to convert files from pdf to DOC, JPG, etc. you can easily convert, merge, split, extract and edit pdf documents by this application. It has a very friendly user interface. This application is very versatile and can process bulk files at a time. So, is this application the best Pdf handler, or else have any better options? Let's find out.

PDF Candy in Uptodown

You can download PDF Candy in Uptodown for free. The basic PDF Candy version is free and has very limited features. To unlock all its features, you have to purchase its paid version. Over 6.4k people have downloaded this application in Uptodown. This is available in 14 languages. It has no mobile app; only a desktop version is available, affecting its compatibility. You may have a better option in PDF handler applications rather than this.

WPS Office VS. PDF Candy 

Although PDF Candy contains all the essential features to handle PDFs, this is only a desktop application. In today's era, the application is preferable only if that application is compatible with all devices.

WPS Office offers you some excellent privileges. It has all the features of PDF Candy and more. You can access your WPS account on up to 9 devices simultaneously, which makes your document accessible anywhere, anytime. You can edit your document through mobile or computer.

WPS Office is a complete Suite to open and edit various file formats such as DOCX, DOC, PPTX, XLSX, TXT, etc. You can also export your document in PDF or any other format that you want from their software. That is why it is also considered the best WPS PDF software.

Over 20 million people are using the WPS office right now. This huge usage shows the competency of this application. But these numbers are those users who are using this app for free. Other than that, Hundreds of thousands of premium and Business WPS users use the office suite on their windows computers, laptops, Macs, etc.

Download WPS Office for Free Trial

7 Days Trial WPS OfficeDownload Now

You must have an idea that the WPS Office is more efficient than PDF Candy. You should download this app and try at least its free version. When this app meets your expectations, you can buy its premium version later. So, here is the link where you can download WPS Office.

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