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With a ton of helpful tools, Xodo is nothing short of a lifesaver for Windows PC users. The cloud and storage options always allow users to finish incomplete work after restarting their computers. Editing tools are helpful, and it's easy and safe. It might be buggy occasionally, but it's still an excellent pdf editor to install on your computer.

An All-In-One Pdf Reader And Editor

Downloading Xodo for windows pdf Reader & Editor is free. It has a pdf reader, viewer, editor, and commentator for the Windows systems. Within the free program, there are no adverts or in-app purchases.

For a better viewing experience, it opens pdf files quickly and offers a variety of navigation options. With this, you can manage numerous documents from the dashboard, collaborate online, and sync documents directly to the cloud. This utility is also available on mobiles and tablets.

If you download Xodo for windows Reader & Editor, you can open, check and modify pdfs. Users can leverage the Xodo Connect platform to collaborate with others and access documents directly from their cloud accounts. The latter is very helpful as several people can collaborate and annotate on all pdf pages simultaneously.

Download Xodo For Pc

Downloading Xodo for pc Reader is one of the best tools for viewing, opening, reading, editing, and combining pdfs. Any pdf on a Windows PC is accessible with this software. There are no adverts, and the program is free for a couple of days.

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Fill forms directly from your PC

Filling out pdf forms can be a challenging experience. With the Xodo free pdf reader and editor downloaded to your pc, you can fill in all the required fields by tapping on the different parts. Selecting the checkboxes is just as easy.

In addition, you can draw or upload your signature and keep it for future document signing. Given that the application operates offline, you don't need to worry about losing your data.

Easy import and export

Thanks to Xodo, you can always access the most up-to-date version of all your documents and notes. You can link the application to your Google Drive or Dropbox account and save documents to sync right away.

Additionally, you can use Xodo to scan photos and turn them into pdfs for easy annotations. Downloading Xodo for free – the trial – allows you to work on two pdfs and check if you like the product.

Subscription Pricing And Their Features

Free Xodo - USD $0.00/mo

  • The Xodo features are free to use!
  • use of all available free tools
  • available on mobile and web
  • A head start on beta tools
  • Only for personal usage
  • Five activities maximum each day.

Pro xodo $9.00/mo: $108.00 billed yearly

  • Use professional tools across several platforms
  • use of all available free tools
  • platform independence
  • processing of documents indefinitely
  • License for commercial use

Is Xodo PDF safe?

Downloading and using Xodo for windows Reader & Editor is safe and effective. It includes a wide range of editing and annotation features and enables users to manage their papers efficiently. It doesn't display any adverts, which is the best feature. Moreover, it also ensures consumers don't click on any links that could endanger their data.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Check out WPS Office tools if you seek more sophisticated pdf Reader & Editor options. If you come to terms that Xodo doesn't work as you need, you can always download WPS office, which is the main rival of any pdf reader. You must keep in mind your budget and functional requirements before purchasing either.

Users could treat pdf files like printouts in the full editor. You can draw freehand, highlight or underline specific passages, circle or cross out phrases, or add comments. Users can also participate in real-time editing using the program's web extension. You should try this if you are looking for a PDF reader and editor!

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