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July 31, 2023969 views

We know the struggle of downloading expensive and large software to view your PDF files on your system. The best solution to read, view, or edit your PDF files is to view them using a free PDF viewer online. You can view your PDF files online without going through the trouble of downloading or installing any software or apps on your mobile devices are computers.

There are many online PDF viewers to view and edit your PDF files. But we have a habit of going for the best one always. So, we are going to use the WPS PDF viewer, which is used by millions of users all around the world and are suggested by many professionals.

WPS PDF viewer is the most reputed and most reliable free PDF viewer online. It can load your PDF files in an instant and even works well with devices with a messy internet connection. Also, the WPS PDF viewer is one of the few online PDF viewers which works on all platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. The best part of this is that it is absolutely free of cost.

WPS Advanced Features

You can access WPF PDF viewer by going to this web address - or can download and install the WPS application. This will land you on the WPS PDF viewer homepage, where you can discover a ton of options, including viewing, editing, merging, adding pictures, adding signatures to the PDF, converting PDF to a different file format, etc.

You can upload your PDF file to this website and view it in your desired format. On the top right corner, you can select the type of device you are using to access this website. This will customize the webpage to the selected device for better viewing. Also, in the top right-most corner, you can log in to your WPS account or can register a new one.

Free Cloud Space

Registering an account with WPS and using that account to sign in and view your PDF files opens up a lot of advantages to the user. For example, if you view a PDF after signing into the website using your account, the PDF file will be saved in the WPS cloud. So, you can view the PDF next time on the WPS platform without even having the file on your devices. You can access these PDF files from anywhere in the world.

WPS PDF Viewer is the safest free PDF viewer online, and all the uploading sequences are encrypted with HTTPS. This protects your files from falling into the wrong hands.

How To View PDF Files With WPS PDF Viewer?

Reading or viewing your PDF file with a WPS PDF viewer is a piece of cake. If you have downloaded the WPS office, open the application and allow storage permissions to the app. It will allow access load your file in viewing mode.

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Then, go to the file and right-click on it. You will find a dozen of options. Click on the ‘Open with’ option and select WPS Office. It will then open your PDF file in viewing mode in the WPS PDF viewer.

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You can also download the WPS Office, which is free software that allows you to edit or create pdf, word, excel, and PowerPoint files. Download the free software now to enjoy unlimited benefits.

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