Get a 7-day Free Trial of Top 3 PDF Tools: Free Download in 2022

July 31, 2023793 views

PDF tools are the applications that perform the complicated tasks involved in PDFs and provide features such as editing, converting, splitting, and merging PDF files. PDF is a popular format among businesses because of its functionality in maintaining the same formatting regardless of the operating system. So, businesses often require PDF tools to create and edit PDF files. You probably won’t need a premium version if you don’t work a lot with PDFs. We recommend you use a free trial of PDF tools that help you through the chores of editing, applying electronic signatures, filling out forms, and so on.

Various free trial versions are available in the market, with limitations that should also be considered while selecting the tool.

When Would You Need PDF Tools

As the world becomes more digitized, it’s unavoidable that you will come across PDF documents throughout your days, such as invoices, eBooks, credit card statements, tax forms, contracts, and insurance forms. These are some examples of the broader use of PDFs. Here are several cases where you need a free trial of PDF tools to deal with the tasks.

  • Filling out PDF forms
  • Signing and sharing PDFs online
  • Corrections to a file.
  • Adding or deleting texts for proofreading.

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Try the Best Online & Offline PDF Tools for Free

Following is the list of the best PDF tools with popular features. Choose the best from the list based on your requirements.

WPS Office

WPS Office is an all-in-one PDF editor that allows users to create, edit, and manage PDF documents for a better user experience. This tool is widely used in offices, schools, and homes. The free trial of the WPS office is also available.

Free Version: You can create, edit, merge, and convert your PDF files using WPS Office for free in 7-days.


Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is the best solution for creating and editing PDFs. Adobe Acrobat allows users to change images or content without leaving a PDF file. You can also use this dedicated software for PC to create, secure, and distribute PDF files. The free trial of Adobe Acrobat is also available for average PDF users.

Free Version: Adobe Acrobat offers you a 7-day free trial with unlimited features. You can edit and convert PDFs for free in 7 days.



PDFelement is the best for offering good functionalities and features to edit PDFs. It’s the best alternative to Adobe Acrobat, regards as the industry standard for editing PDFs. The best thing about PDFelement is its free trial that comes with a basic PDF editing solution. This program helps you to edit, add, remove, and extract images from PDF documents.

Free Version: it combines and converts up to 3 files for free.


Final Words

With these free trial versions of famous PDF tools, you can play around with your PDFs with limited features. I recommend the WPS Office. WPS Office is available online & offline to enhance productivity. WPS Office allows users to edit, manage, and convert PDF documents to improve production efficiency. The 7-day free trial of the WPS office is also available with unlimited features.

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