Top PDF Tools for Android

The Android platform has established itself as a prominent participant in the smartphone business. Over 70% of all smartphone sales are attributed to the operating system. The rise in smartphone sales has also enabled developers to create PDF applications that provide users with unique features and experiences. This blog will offer you information to assist you in choosing the best PDF tools for mobile phones that run on the Android platform.

Top PDF Tools for Android



Because of the high degree of safety and security, most documents are generated in PDF format across the world. WPS PDF for Android is a highly popular tool that is used by millions of Android users worldwide. It has several ways for reading PDF documents that have improved the user's reading experience. With this tool, you can quickly access a document to view on the web or send through email. Users can scroll, zoom in, zoom out, and search content while viewing. You can navigate to a certain page using navigation panels. It's one of the greatest iPhone PDF tools because of a variety of additional noteworthy features from its competitors. This app is available on all app stores for all operating systems.

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2. Adobe Reader


Many users who want to read PDFs use Adobe Acrobat Reader as their primary tool. The key reason for the application's rising popularity is the "just works" sensation it provides, as well as its pioneer release a decade ago. Aside from reading PDF files on Android devices, the tool can also annotate and take notes, fill forms, and add digital signatures. The most recent version has cloud service capabilities. The monthly membership adds extra capabilities such as the ability to convert PDF files to other formats.

3. Fast Scanner


Fast Scanner is another fascinating tool that allows users to scan documents and store them as PDF files. It helps make use of the smartphone's basic camera and allows you to save the file as a PDF or.jpg file. The tool's capabilities allows the user to sharpen and clean the scan before finishing the output. You may even view PDF files because the tool provides the basic functionality of altering and adding signatures as needed. The free edition includes all of the essential features. Professionals with greater needs might consider the premium version, which provides a few more options.

4. Foxit MobilePDF


Foxit MobilePDF encompasses a wide range of business-related PDF application functionalities. Features of this tool include PDF file navigation, bookmark help, PDF management where users may organize files by name and size, cloud support, and more. Annotations, the ability to sign papers on the go, primitive editing tools, and many others. In-app purchases you can unlock extra features such as file protection and encryption options.

5. Google PDF Viewer


Google PDF Viewer is a handy tool for reading PDF files on the Android platform. It is one of Google's several services. It is included as a standard feature on the phone. It is a straightforward PDF reader with basic functions such as search, text copying for selection, and print. The tool hides the icon from the app drawer. If you want to use this tool to access PDF, you must first launch it from the menu. Although the process is straightforward, Google's free service looks very appealing.