Guideline on How to Convert Docx to PDF on Mac

July 31, 2023603 views

We know that PDFs are easy to transfer, print, and manage and they don’t occupy extra space. At certain times, we need to convert our Docx files into PDF for our ease in daily routine work. It is clear that PDF files are easy to send and are compatible with all platforms

How to convert Docx to PDF on Mac?

Now if you want to learn how to convert Docx to PDF on Mac using the WPS Office tool read this article until the end and let’s get started. 

Visit the website

First of all, you have to write the URL i.e on the search bar and go to the official website.


Download WPS Office for Mac

On the homepage, click on products and you will see many options to choose from. Click on download WPS Office for Mac.


Install WPS office

After downloading, install the WPS Office and launch it on your Mac device.


Open the Docx file 

Once launched, open the WPS Office tool and drag and drop the docx file you want to convert to PDF or you can open it by clicking on open and choosing from your device.


WPS Office homepage

When the docs document is opened, on the homepage you will see many options like add text, insert pictures, crop page, split page, header and footer, background, attachment, and link in case you want to add a link in your document.

Then on the insert page, you can add pages, page numbers, and a text box, you can highlight a word or sentence.

Furthermore, in the toolbar you will see the comment, edit, page, protect, and most important tools in which you will see some options to convert your PFD document into word, picture, PPT, or Exel, etc so basically all in all WPS Office gives you all the tools you need to get the best results in a document.


Converting docx file to PDF on Mac

Now on the homepage in WPS Office tool you can simply convert your docs file to PDF by clicking on the menu and going to export to PDF.


Save the document

In the next popup, you can change the modified file name and you can change the path where you want to save your file. Now you know how to convert Docx to PDF on Mac simply by using the WPS Office tool so it's time to save your edited file, click on export to PDF to save the document. 


Multiples files conversion

If you want to convert multiple files in a go you can click on add files and choose the files that you want to convert to PDF.


Advanced settings

WPS Office provides some more advanced settings while converting Docx files to PDF, in the export to PDF dialog, click on advanced settings, you will see more options like content and permission settings.

In the content section you can choose hyperlink, bookmark, footnote/endnote, etc. you can also protect your PDF file by setting a password and specific permissions like allow copy, allow modification, etc.



You see! In no time you learned how to convert Docx to PDF on Mac using WPS Office tool and you are good to go! One of the best things about the WPS Office is that you can access it online as well as offline, although it offers more features online. Download WPS Office on your device and enjoy hassle-free working. Let us know what you liked the most!

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