Highest Rated Adobe Acrobat Alternative for Mac

July 18, 2022 |

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Highest Rated Adobe Acrobat Alternative for Mac
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Many people turn to Adobe Acrobat when they need to work with Portable Document Format (PDF) files. Since this PDF software was instrumental in creating the PDF format, its features are often used as the basis for comparison with other software packages. However, there is at least one alternative to Adobe Acrobat, and you might be pleasantly surprised by how well these programs work for personal or small business use. Here's the best Adobe Acrobat Alternative for Mac.

Why would you want Adobe Acrobat Alternative for Mac?

Seeing as there appears to be no problem, it would be futile to attempt a solution.  An alternative to Adobe Acrobat could be useful in many situations. You can feel this way if you think Adobe Acrobat is becoming obsolete due to technical developments.

The price of a monthly single AA membership has gone up from $39.99 to $48.99 is also persuasive. On the other hand, below are a few of the most frequent causes of user apathy about PDF tools.

There are many reasons, like improved compatibility, more features, lighter software, an easier technique of use, faster use, more editing tools, and so on.

It's hard to find a single PDF reader that can accomplish everything that Adobe Acrobat can. However, once you've established practice with PDFs, you may realize that your workflow may benefit from an additional tool.

About WPS PDF, Best Free Pdf Alternative


WPS PDF Editor can open and edit PDF documents. This tool is robust and all-encompassing, allowing multiple annotations, form filling, conversions, and edits to text and graphics. Word translation, screenshots and comparisons, scribbles, document excerpts, and a super annotation mode are some of the other capabilities.

You may use WPS PDF, the best Adobe Acrobat alternative for Mac, Windows, and Android, to read, annotate, compress, convert PDF to jpg, highlight, search, process, and edit PDF files.

Most PDFs contain text, so you'll want to ensure the screen is bright enough to read comfortably. Here's how to accomplish this!

  • First, select the Background option under the Home tab.
  • Here, you have a few options for how you want to see the page. Night Mode and Eye Protecting are alternatives to Default and Daytime for those who experience discomfort when using these modes. This feature is available in WPS Presentation, Spreadsheets, and WPS Writer.

Why Is WPS PDF Superior?

  • Save the original file formats for your documents. The files' formats may change when you transfer them to other machines. When you use WPS PDF Editor, an Adobe Acrobat alternative for Mac, your files will remain in their original formats. This way, you can rest easy knowing that your files will always remain in the same format.

  • Extremely safe Password-protecting a document is a good idea if it contains sensitive information that you will be sharing with others. Password protection is an option in WPS PDF Editor.

  • Broad applicability When it comes to operating platforms, WPS PDF Editor is universal. So, whether you're using a PC, Mac, or even an IOS or Android device, you can rest assured that the PDF files will open without a hitch.

Why Use WPS Office for PDF File Signing?

  • It's possible to use one of three distinct PDF signatures. To sign and fill out PDF files online, you can use the WPS PDF editor to add a draw, text, or image e-signature to a PDF.

  • Smoothly Electronic signatures can be used to bind a PDF document legally. The signature can be added to the PDF file digitally. Signing PDFs can be a surprisingly streamlined process when using numerous cloud-based servers.

  • Valid and Commonplace Electronic Signatures You may feel secure using electronic signatures generated by the WPS. After one hour, your signed PDF and its associated metadata will be permanently removed from our system. Complete anonymity is ensured.

How To Add Text to A PDF

Convert PDF to Word or Writer (doc/Docx) without paying a dime with WPS PDF, a free Adobe Acrobat pdf alternative for Mac, Windows, and Android. Modify PDF files by dividing or joining them. Easily convert any file to PDF format and share it via email without leaving WPS Office. The ability to read PDFs in WPS PDF, the Adobe Acrobat pdf alternative online tool, has been added due to user demand. - Click Text Box under the Insert tab. - Put the cursor where you want to insert the text, and then drag to select the area you wish to use. To insert text, double-click the Text box. - You may change its size and placement by dragging its border.

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Gayathri Rasangika

Gayathri received her master's degree before she ever put pen to paper. She has now shifted her career focus to writing. She has extensive experience with the Adobe Acrobat alternative for Mac, WPS PDF.

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