How Can You Convert Your iPhone PDF into Print by Using WPS Office?

July 31, 2023549 views

The most common and well-known format PDF is used for many purposes like in making assignments, office projects, research journals, or any business. This famous format spread all over the world. Many people prefer to share information in PDF format over other platforms, such as the internet. The main reason is that it is the most secure file format, PDF, which cannot be easily changed. The use of extra features, such as password protection, enables users to protect data access to their files.

Do you know the benefits of this format? If not then let me tell you that this PDF format looks professional and remains in its original position without any change, another benefit is that they keep its quality high. You can easily convert or open PDF format files from any device, also it is super easy and friendly to handle.

So, converting your document, images, and sheets into PDF format is now an easy task. Also, the amazing thing is that you can also convert your PDF through the iPhone. What could be better than that? Well, If you have any kind of format either it is in PPT, or a word format, you can convert these too. Another great thing is that you can also print your document into your pdf easily. Do you want to know the trick of getting printed?

From the WPS Office you can get all of your problems. You can get your PDF print from your iPhone, Ipad, or Macbook, and using the WPS office on your iPhone is safe and secure.

However, if you want to share a PDF format through email on your iPhone or using Ipad and want to open PDF offline? Then there are many ways to save and convert your Pdfs into prints. Try WPS Office to Print your PDF and take benefit from it. From this software, you feel secure and easy.

Get PDF Print on iPhone by Using WPS Office

Do you want an easy method to Print PDFs on an iPhone Using WPS Office?

Then let's go and follow these easy steps:

1. Firstly, go to the official website of the WPS Office

2. After getting the website of the WPS Office.

3. Click on the homepage, there will be the many options

4. Click  on the Button “WPS Office Download”

5. After that,  install WPS Office for free.

6. Click on the homepage, now you will see the many options.

7. After launching the WPS Office, drag and drop the PDF format file, you want to print.

8. Or you can click on the “Open PDF” option and then select a file.

9. Select the menu button in the toolbar and click on the “Print” option.

10. At the right side of the pop-up box select the document and note content from the print content.

11. Now in the print interface, the preview window will display the note comments. Two options are available to us.

12. The first step is to reopen the print interface after choosing the Comment tab, Note Mode, and other settings.

Can You Convert Your PDF File into Word Format on your iPhone?

You can easily convert your PDF into word format by using the iPhone. Follow these steps to convert your file into another format:-

Go to the WPS PDF Tools tab and choose PDF To Word, or select the PDF to Word tool in the WPS Office software. After landing here, drag your PDF file. Alternatively, you can access the PDF file from your local file store by clicking on upload / select file. Click convert once the PDF file has been uploaded. In a few seconds, it will change into a Word document. You may now download it by clicking the download button if you're using an online converter. If you are using an offline tool to convert it in WPS Office, it will open for preview after the conversion in Word format.

The other problem is that you can save your file document after converting it into another format. If not, we will give you an example here:

How to Save Your PDF on Your iPhone?

  • After the Document is opened and saved to your iPhone

  • select the share option. When saving a PDF file to an iPhone, this button is shown at the top of the screen.

  • If this button does not show at the top of the page, scroll up toward the top of the PDF document until it does.

  • You have several options here, but if all you want to do is read the PDF file, choose the option to save it to the iPhone's built-in books app, which allows you to access all e-books, PDFs, and other documents.

  • The generated document will be automatically categorized in the PDF section of the Books. The document you've saved is simple to access.

Get Your PDF Print Free for iPhone?

Nowadays, there are many tools and software that are available for iPhone users but may not work properly, nor can it be guaranteed that they are safe or not. Many people have used it, but it has not been successful.

If you want to PDF print from an iPhone then use WPS Office because it is free even for iPhone users.

Why Should I Use WPS Office for PDF Print on iPhone?

Because of the complexity of the iPhone's user interface, it is difficult to know how to convert files to PDFs.PDF has now become famous and popular as an all-rounder format because it is used to convert or transform data. Using the proper tool will also help to make things easy and more effective. So, WPS Office is best for all kinds of conversions like PDF files, images file, excel sheets, and many others. For iPhone users, the WPS office is the most efficient tool, and uses it for many purposes.

Basically, WPS Office consists of 4 main features that are Presentation, Spreadsheet, PDF, and editor. These all features work properly on Apple devices. That is, whatever work you do is related to word, excel, and PowerPoint, it does everything. Another important and main thing is that it works properly on windows, iOS phones, Linus, and mac. So go and visit WPS Office to see more features, and download it for more results.

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