How Do I Use WPS to Convert PDF to PNG Mac

July 31, 2023310 views

Sharing crucial documents like manuals, certificates, or application forms is safe and private with PDFs. Moreover, the reading of PDF files is highly challenging, and synchronous working is not supported.

On the other hand, the PNG file format is completely different from the PDF file format: PNG employs a lossless picture compression method, so no information is lost and the image is retrieved with the same quality. A wide variety of hues are supported by PNG. PNG-24 has about 256 colors, and PNG-8 has about 16.7 million colors.

Conversely, as the PNG format provides great visual interpretation and reduces complexity, entrepreneurs prefer to convert their tons of PDF to PNG for their Macs. Nevertheless, converting PDF to PNG Mac with other converters is a long process; this is different from the WPS PDF to PNG tool on Mac.

You can convert PDF to PNG Mac with excellent quality retention. The blog post provides a brief understanding of how to convert PDF to PNG Mac using WPS and some instances that prove why it is better than the rest.

The procedure to convert PDF to PNG Mac using WPS

The program is one of the extraordinary tools to convert PDF to PNG Mac, with quintessential features and easy installation steps. Additionally, the tools give you access to a much larger and more vibrant color palette file after you convert PDF to PNG Mac. Let’s look at the steps that are needed to convert PDF to PNG Mac:

Step 1: WPS Office must be downloaded from the WPS website to convert PDF to PNG Mac.

You will be fine getting WPS Office because the process is simple. You must select "download" after visiting the WPS MAC download page for it to begin downloading quickly.

Step 2: You should pick the PDF file that needs to be changed to a PNG before converting PDF to PNG Mac.

If you want some important information to show on the PNG file, you can also make some pertinent changes to your PDF file using the WPS PDF tool before you convert PDF to PNG Mac.

Step 3: On the top left is a feature called "PDF to Picture", which you need to click to convert PDF to PNG Mac.

Step 4: After clicking the option, a window appears regarding "export to picture," which provides several features to convert PDF to PNG Mac. You can export by page or by long picture. The “Long picture” option will not take up many pages like the "by page" option. For a brief understanding, please look at the picture below:

Step 5: Following the previous step, you can add a watermark before you convert PDF to PNG Mac. A watermark is an image with an emblem, line of text, or signature overlaid. Watermarks are considered to be transparent.

However, while the default choice is free, you must pay a fee to use the "no watermark" and "custom" features to use these amazing features.

Step 6: In the format option, you can find many options, such as JPG, BMP, and many more. You are advised to choose PNG. The PNG files are capable of perfect compression and can store more data.

Step 7: After completing the last step, you may check the quality of your PNG file. There are options like Normal (100%), Standard (200%), etc. Additionally, the normal version does not cost a single penny, while the standard, high, and best-quality copies of your PNG file on your Mac require payment.

Step 8: You need to choose your export path, and you can use the tool for seven days to experience all the best features required to convert PDF to PNG Mac efficiently.

Step 9: Once you choose all your preferences, click export, which is present on your right, and it will be exported to your chosen file path.

Step 10: Open the file path to find the PNG file. The image of the PNG file after the conversion is shown below, where you can see it embodies all the features of a PNG file.

The benefits of converting PDF to PNG on Mac using WPS

Chief executives are always obliged to make several presentations, and with the help of PDF files, it is extremely difficult to grasp the profusion of information. They can only comprehend an abundance of complex information within a few minutes by converting the PDF file to PNG on their Macs.

There are many converters, but they lack exceptional features like those in the WPS PDF to PNG tool. With the aid of the tool, when you convert PDF to PNG Mac, you will certainly preserve the actual quality, and your data will be immediately deleted after an hour and won't be shared with any third parties.

Students who use PNGs for their projects always need help related to image scaling and batch conversion, which leads to poor project outcomes. Unfortunately, most of the tools offer better quality regarding the aforementioned features.

Still, your Mac's WPS PDF to PNG tool is the sole exception, as it can scale images, support tear-off sheets, perform batch conversions, and do several other things. Besides, this tool's great feature is its 100% assurance that it will successfully transform your PDF file to PNG format. The most modern, user-friendly UI is provided to convert PDF to PNG Mac.

Why is the WPS PDF Tool the Best to Convert PDF to PNG Mac?

The WPS PDF  tool is one of the best on the market. Using the WPS PDF tool, you can convert PDF to PNG on Mac with the help of never-before-seen features. It converts PDF to PNG without sacrificing originality. WPS PDF Converter preserves every page's information while you convert PDF to PNG on Mac.

If you want to convert your PDF files to PNG on Mac quickly and without any hassle, install the WPS PDF tool. Besides, there would not be any charges to download the tool. However, a small amount must be paid to experience premium features.

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