How to Add a Picture to a PDF with Smallpdf
With HiPDF Know How to Add a Picture to a PDF
How to Add a Picture to a PDF Using WPS PDF Editor
Tips on How to Add a Picture to a PDF
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The recommended format for storing and transmitting documents is without a doubt PDF. But occasionally you might need to modify, convert, or add graphics to PDF documents. It may not be feasible to add data in other formats, such as JPG or PNG files, even if the majority of straightforward PDF readers do provide some basic editing features. This article will demonstrate how to use the PDF tool to insert a photo into a PDF.

How to Add a Picture to a PDF with Smallpdf

  • Your file can be uploaded to the PDF Editor tool.

  • Choose the image you wish to upload by clicking on the image icon.

  • Image placement and resizing.

  • Download or distribute your finished document!

With HiPDF Know How to Add a Picture to a PDF

You might also use a web-based PDF editor like HiPDF. You can access the service through their website, which is housed on a different server. The following instructions will show you how to put an image into a PDF file:

  • Go to the HiPDF website in a new browser tab.

  • To import the file, select "Edit PDF" and then on the new page, either the "Choose File" button or one of the cloud provider icons below the window.

  • In the toolbar above your PDF, select "Add Image."

  • Place the image where you'd like it to be once you see it in your PDF.

  • Save the file to a local location and click the "Apply" button at the bottom to finish.

How to Add a Picture to a PDF Using WPS PDF Editor

You must use a specific PDF editor if you wish to add a photo to the PDF. With the WPS Office PDF editor, you can edit text images, add text images to PDF documents, and edit PDF files. The following is a tutorial on how to add photos to PDF documents using the WPS Office PDF editor.

How may images be added to a PDF document? I'll explain to you today how to add images to PDF documents using WPS software.


  • First, open the following chart in WPS software by selecting the navigation bar above the edit option and clicking Open.

  • open the following chart interface, click the tiny arrow symbol next to Edit Content, and then

  • Select the option to insert a picture and click to open after opening the accompanying chart interface.

  • Click the Open button to return after opening the following interface, choosing the image to insert, and

  • Returning to the image you just inserted, you can see how the mouse was moved there. Next, click the left mouse button to place the image there.

  • To insert the PDF document into the picture, click Save after you have clicked the mouse to reveal that the image of the following chart has been included.

  • The photo insertion into the PDF file has been accomplished in relation to this.

Tips on How to Add a Picture to a PDF

For individuals who need to alter PDF files frequently, WPS PDF Tools is a fantastic option. The application is loaded with options and simple to use. WPS PDF Tools has you covered whether you want to fill out forms, add notes, or encrypt your PDFs. The programme is free, which is the best part! So be sure to check out WPS PDF Tools if you need a reliable PDF editor.


Q. Are My Images and PDFs Secure?

When using the service to add photos to PDFs, your files are always secure. Every file transmission uses an SSL connection. Aside from PDFs received for signature, WPS Pdf editor also deletes all files from systems after an hour of processing. It just leaves them up long enough for you to download and edit them.

Q. Does Mac PDF support adding images?

On any operating system (Mac, Windows, Linux), in any browser (Firefox, Edge, Safari, Chrome), you may use the WPS Pdf Editor as an online service to add images and text to your PDF files.

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You can utilise a variety of tools, one of which being WPS Office. WPS Office is a powerful online application that makes adding an image to a PDF online extremely straightforward. GIF, PNG, JPG, and TIFF are just a few of the many image formats that are supported. The straightforward conversion process and the clean user interface simplify navigation for every user. The cost of this class is nothing, and there is no enrollment fee. Linux, Windows, Mac, and Android are just a few of the commonly used web browsers and operating systems that are compatible with WPS Office.