How to Add Image to PDF Online

July 31, 2023756 views

Have you ever needed to update a PDF with a picture? Perhaps you need to include a photo as additional proof while completing an online form. Fortunately, there is a far easier way to avoid the inconvenience of printing the form out and scanning it again with the photo on it.

All you need is a PDF Editor to insert a picture into a PDF document. The benefit of using a PDF editor is that you can make changes without going back to the original file. Any image can be easily included right to your PDF document.

This program comes in a variety of online versions and offers a variety of PDF editing features.

Step 1: Open the PDF Document

On your device screen, launch the UPDF editor to add a photo to a PDF. The "Open File" button may be found at the very top of the primary interface of the UPDF editor once it has been launched. To add an image to an existing document and create a PDF from it, click the button.


Step 2: Click the Edit Button

At this point, the document needs to be opened. Right now, a button labeled "Edit" will be visible on the page display up top. Additionally, the page administration tool provides access to the "Edit" button.


Step 3: Insert Picture in PDF

Despite the simplicity of each stage in the image-inserting process, this one is the most basic. When in editing mode, a "+ image" icon will appear. Select the photo you wish to enter from your computer by clicking the "+ image" button. (JPG, GIF, and PNG files can all be added to a PDF document.)


Your image has now been added to your PDF document, and you can edit it by cropping it, moving it around, and other things.


If you frequently work with PDFs, you should consider looking into online solutions that make altering these files a breeze. It's important to keep in mind that many PDF files are marked to "Read Only," but WPS Office online tools and programs will let you get beyond this restriction so you can quickly integrate photos into the papers you want, among other things. The only remedy for all of these issues and your only source of assistance is WPS Office.

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