How to Add Page Number to PDF on Mac

July 31, 2023674 views

When you are working along with your team members on a project and you have received so many files to organize. Suddenly you realized you have a long file size with many numbers of pages and you need to specify those documents by adding pages number. the page calculation even protects you from troubles when a published file is rendered out of order.

Adobe Acrobat is always the first choice to handle PDF files but put users off with its high-expense packages. In fact, there are numerous keys to add page numbers to PDF on mac without Adobe Acrobat pro. Hence, I am writing here to suggest to you some best tools to add page numbers to PDF on mac. My first choice is always WPS Office as it has provided all-in-one solutions for windows, mac, Linux, and android.

Using WPS Office to Add page number

WPS Office has four professional programs including Writer, spreadsheet, presentation, and PDF. users with WPS have all access to solve any file operating and converting PDF. WPS Office is compatible with Microsoft Office for its file operating features. Users can easily add page numbers by following the below steps

Open a PDF with WPS Office to add page number on the mac

Go to the insert > page number

We can add page numbers, update page numbers, and delete any page if needs


A new window is open where you can add your page number easily. You can align your number where you want to place it.


Add Page Number to PDF on Mac Preview

Mac Preview is a free and default tool to manage PDFs and images on mac. there is no such an exclusive toolbar built-in Preview to add page numbers directly but we can add them by inputting numbers in blank text boxes to PDF in Preview.

Open PDF with Preview to add the number on the mac

select "Show Markup Toolbar"


You can go to the text section to add numbers on the header or footer and input page numbers into the text box. Repeat this on each page to add page numbers.

Go to File>Save.


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Adobe is effective, but it is not the only tool to solve PDF-related problems. For users who work with PDFs occasionally, an online PDF tool can work best for you, but if you work on PDFs very frequently, you'd better resort to WPS Office, it allows for completing PDFs, converting PDFs, transferring data, OCR PDF, locking and unlocking PDF, signing PDF, splitting and merging PDF, compressing PDF in one place. WPS Office has announced a 7day trial without costing any cards credit. Windows can download WPS Office from the below link.

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