How to Add Password to Protect a PDF – Know the Details!

February 8, 2023465 views

A pdf file is one of the important files and most individual companies prefer pdf files to send important information or documents from their concerned person. It’s always a safe format because no one will be able to edit instantly. Now, some people want a password for pdf. Some financial organisations and banks always prefer passwords for their financial documents for their customers. So, it can reach your mail safely. If you want to know how to add a password to protect a pdf then this article is just for you!

There are different types of pdf editors available online through which you can protect your pdf file by installing a pdf password. Here, we are going to provide you top three tools online through which you can protect your pdf files easily.

How to Add Password to Protect a pdf with

This is always the best option through which you can download your pdf file with a password. Whenever anyone wants to view the pdf they need to put the password and they are able to read it.

There are some simple steps that you need to follow…

·      First open adobe and choose the select a file button and choose the file to which you want to add password

·      After that choose a password and type it and again retype it.

·      Now, click on the set password option

·      And download the password-protected pdf file!

How to Add Password to Protect a PDF in

This is the best tool and reliable pdf password protector. It helps to prevent unauthorised access to the file content. It also offers secure encryption for maximum safety. Once you implement the password in the pdf file it will be secure completely.

Follow some simple steps to protect your pdf file

·      First you have to open the Smallpdf password protection page and choose the file which you want to protect!

·      Now, you have to set the password you would like

·      Now, click on the Encrypt pdf option and add the password

·      Download the encrypted pdf file

How to Add Password to Protect a PDF in WPS PDF Tools?

This is one of the best pdf tools online. WPS office helps to edit any pdf file easily.  It also converts and manages another file format from pdf within a few seconds. This tool you can access free of cost. If you are looking for efficient pdf processing then WPS pdf is always the best option. WPS pdf tools are also very compatible with a variety of file formats which include pdf, Adobe pdf, etc. Using WPS you will also be able to protect your pdf file and add passwords easily. You can download the WPS office on your PC. They support any type of browser like Windows, Mac, and Linux.

You can download it free of cost for Android phones and Apple devices as well. If you will use WPS they delete all files permanently after an hour.  Passwords are also deleted after processing.

Tips for PDF Users!

It’s always essential to choose a password that includes a good length! Don’t put the very simple name or serial number in your pdf file. Use numbers, symbols, and signs to make your password stronger. Some pdf passwords can be removed anytime. But if you choose a good pdf editor online, then you will only get an encrypted file that cannot open very easily. If you are looking for the best pdf editor for removing, downloading, adding and editing pdf documents, then WPS pdf tools are the best choice.

This WPS office also supports any browser, whether you have windows, mac, or Linux. people can download directly from the WPS office and use it without much worry!

FAQ for PDF Editor

Q. How to password protect a pdf file?

Passwords always protect pdf files because they will be completely encrypted. No one will be able to open the pdf file easily. Only the right person will be able to open it!

Q. Which pdf editor is the best for pdf editing?

If you are looking for the best pdf editor then WPS pdf tools are the best option. You can directly download it to your PC WPS office free of cost!

Protect Your PDF File Now!

So, if you want to secure your pdf file more, then install WPS office and upload the pdf file, encrypted password and start using it! This process will save you time and cost!

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